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30:2.1 The divine family of living beings is registered on Uversa in seven grand divisions:

1. The Paradise Deites.
2. The Supreme Spirits.
3. The Trinity-origin Beings.
4. The Sons of God.
5. Personalities of the Infinite Spirit.
6. The Universe Power Directors.
7. The Corps of Permanent Citizenship.


1. The Universal Father.
2. The Eternal Son.
3. The Infinite Spirit.


1. The Seven Master Spirits.
2. The Seven Supreme Executives.
3. The Seven Groups of Reflective Spirits.
4. The Reflective Image Aids
5. The Seven Spirits of the Circuits.
6. Local Universe Creative Spirits.
7.Adjutant Mind-Spirits.


1. Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy.
2. Eternals of Days.
3. Ancients of Days.
4. Perfections of Days.
5. Recents of Days.
6. Unions of Days.
7. Faithfuls of Days.
8. Trinity Teacher Sons.
9. Perfectors of Wisdom.
10. Divine Counselors.
11. Universal Censors.
12. Inspired Trinity Spirits.
13. Havona Natives.
14. Paradise Citizens.


30:2.38 A. Descending Sons.

1. Creator Sons—Michaels.
2. Magisterial Sons—Avonals.
3. Trinity Teacher Sons—Daynals.
4.Melchizedek Sons.
5. Vorondadek Sons.
6. Lanonandek Sons.
7. Life Carrier Sons.

30:2.46 B. Ascending Sons.

1. Father-fused Mortals.
2. Son-fused Mortals.
3. Spirit-fused Mortals.
4. Evolutionary Seraphim.
5. Ascending Material Sons.
6. Translated Midwayers.
7. Personalized Adjusters.

30:2.54 C. Trinitized Sons.

1. Mighty Messengers.
2. Those High in Authority.
3. Those without Name and Number.
4. Trinitized Custodians.
5. Trinitized Ambassadors.
6. Celestial Guardians.
7. High Son Assistants.
8. Ascender-trinitized Sons.
9. Paradise-Havona-trinitized Sons.
10.Trinitized Sons of Destiny.


30:2.66 A. Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit.

1. Solitary Messengers.
2. Universe Circuit Supervisors.
3. Census Directors.
4. Personal Aids of the Infinite Spirit.
5. Associate Inspectors.
6. Assigned Sentinels.
7. Graduate Guides.

30:2.74 B. The Messenger Hosts of Space.

1. Havona Servitals.
2. Universal Conciliators.
3. Technical Advisers.
4. Custodians of Records on Paradise.
5. Celestial Recorders.
6. Morontia Companions.
7. Paradise Companions.

30:2.82 C. The Ministering Spirits.

1. Supernaphim.
2. Seconaphim.
3. Tertiaphim.
4. Omniaphim.
5. Seraphim.
6. Cherubim and Sanobim.
7. Midwayers.


30:2.91 A. The Seven Supreme Power Directors.

30:2.92 B. Supreme Power Centers.

1. Supreme Center Supervisors.
2. Havona Centers.
3. Superuniverse Centers.
4. Local Universe Centers.
5. Constellation Centers.
6. System Centers.
7. Unclassified Centers.

30:2.100 C. Master Physical Controllers.

1. Associate Power Directors.
2. Mechanical Controllers.
3. Energy Transformers.
4. Energy Transmitters.
5. Primary Associators.
6. Secondary Dissociators.
7. Frandalanks and Chronoldeks.

30:2.108 D. Morontia Power Supervisors.

1. Circuit Regulators.
2. System Co-ordinators.
3. Planetary Custodians.
4. Combined Controllers.
5. Liaison Stabilizers.
6. Selective Assorters.
7. Associate Registrars.


1. The Planetary Midwayers.
2. The Adamic Sons of the Systems.
3. The Constellation Univitatia.
4. The Local Universe Susatia.
5. Spirit-fused Mortals of the Local Universes.
6. The Superuniverse Abandonters.
7. Son-fused Mortals of the Superuniverses.
8. The Havona Natives.
9. Natives of the Paradise Spheres of the Spirit.
10. Natives of the Father’s Paradise Spheres.
11. The Created Citizens of Paradise.
12. Adjuster-fused Mortal Citizens of Paradise.

30:2.129 This is the working classification of the personalities of the universes as they are of record on the headquarters world of Uversa.

30:2.130 COMPOSITE PERSONALITY GROUPS. There are on Uversa the records of numerous additional groups of intelligent beings, beings that are also closely related to the organization and administration of the grand universe. Among such orders are the following three composite personality groups:

30:2.131 A. The Paradise Corps of the Finality.

1. The Corps of Mortal Finaliters.
2. The Corps of Paradise Finaliters.
3. The Corps of Trinitized Finaliters.
4. The Corps of Conjoint Trinitized Finaliters.
5. The Corps of Havona Finaliters.
6. The Corps of Transcendental Finaliters.
7. The Corps of Unrevealed Sons of Destiny.

30:2.139 The Mortal Corps of the Finality is dealt with in the next and final paper of this series.

30:2.140 B. The Universe Aids.

1. Bright and Morning Stars.
2. Brilliant Evening Stars.
3. Archangels (local page)
4. Most High Assistants.
5. High Commissioners.
6. Celestial Overseers.
7. Mansion World Teachers.

30:2.148 On all headquarters worlds of both local and superuniverses, provision is made for these beings who are engaged in specific missions for the Creator Sons, the local universe rulers. We welcome these Universe Aids on Uversa, but we have no jurisdiction over them. Such emissaries prosecute their work and carry on their observations under authority of the Creator Sons. Their activities are more fully described in the narrative of your local universe.

30:2.149 C. The Seven Courtesy Colonies.

1. Star Students.
2. Celestial Artisans.
3. Reversion Directors.
4. Extension-school Instructors.
5. The Various Reserve Corps.
6. Student Visitors.
7. Ascending Pilgrims.

The Expanded, detailed Uvera Personality Register

Audio Version

30:2.1 The divine family of living beings is registered on Uversa in seven grand divisions:

  1. The Paradise Deities. Universal Father Eternal Son Infinite Spirit
  2. The Supreme Spirits. 30:1.11 Paper 17
  3. The Trinity-origin Beings.
  4. The Sons of God. A. descending orders 20:1sec B. ascending orders Paper 40 (443;1),) C. Trinitized Sons
  5. Personalities of the Infinite Spirit. Pg 336
  6. The Universe Power Directors. Pg 336
  7. The Corps of Permanent Citizenship. Pg337

30:2.2 These groups of will creatures are divided into numerous classes and minor subdivisions. The presentation of this classification of the personalities of the grand universe is however chiefly concerned in setting forth those orders of intelligent beings who have been revealed in these narratives, most of whom will be encountered in the ascendant experience of the mortals of time on their progressive climb to Paradise. The following listings make no mention of vast orders of universe beings who carry foreword their work apart from the mortal ascension scheme.

    1. The Universal Father. Papers 1-5) 0:3sec(4;13),. See also God; I AM; Infinite, the; personality circuit; Thought Adjusters, 7 sacred worlds of 13:0.3(143;3), 13:1-2secs), absolutum is original nonspiritual expression of 11:2.6(120;1), all goodness takes origin in 8:2.7(93;1),also known as. See also Deity; God: also known as, Center of Centers 15:1.4(165;3), Creator 1:1.1(22;4), Creator, Controller, Upholder, First Person of Deity 0:2.9(4;6), First Person of Deity 104:4.1(1147;7), First Source and Center 1:0.1(21;1), 1:1.1(22;4), 14:6.3(160;4), 15:1.1(164;4), 26:4.5(290;2), 56:4.2(640;1),God q.v., Havona Father 51:6.6(587;4), I AM q.v., other titles 1:1sec(22;4), 24:7.2(271;1), 104:4.1(1147;7), Paradise Father 54:6.2(618;5), the Infinite. See Infinite, the , attainment of U.F. is passport to eternity 26:9.2(294;6), attitude, always one of divine affection 2:5.1(38;6), 4:3.5(58;3), 4:4.5(59;1), cares what man is, not what he does 48:7.24(557;8), 131:8.5(1452;3), commandment to become perfect 1:0.3-6(21;3), 7:4.7(86;1), 7:5.1(86;2), 9:5.6(103;4), 13:2.8(149;1), 26:4.5(290;2), 37:5.3(411;1), 40:7.4(449;2), 56:0.1(637;1), 94:3.1(1030;1), 99:5.3(1091;2), 107:0.3(1176;3), 131:9.4(1453;2), 137:8.13(1536;10), 140:2.16(1536;10), 140:5.15(1574;8), 140:8.32(1583;6), 140:10.1(1584;4), 143:2.6(1610;1), 161:1.10(1784;7), 181:2.25(1961;4), deals with personalities, not universes 15:0.1(164;1), 32:4.4(363;2), delegation of power limits his presence in recognition of prerogatives of subordinates 3:1.6(45;4), 3:5.1(50;6), delights in his children 1:5.4(28;1), desired Jesus pursue his bestowal to its natural end 158:3.4-5(1755;4), 158:7.4(1760;1), 182:3.6-7(1969;1), 183:1.2(1972;1), desires to be revealed to us 180:6.8(1952;4), doings are all purposeful, wise, and eternally considerate of all concerned 2:2.2(35;6), 3:2.8-10(47;6), 10:7.6(116;1), gives part of himself to be our eternal self 12:7.14(139;3), 116:3.4-5(1271;2), grieves when his children fail 4:3.5(58;3), has ordained spiritual free will 1:1.2(22;5), 13:4.4-5(150;3), loves his children 180:6.8(1952;4), 182:1.5-6(1964;2), loves not like a father but as a father 2:6.4-5(41;2), 5:4.12(68;2), 6:3.5(75;10) loves the sinner, hates the sin 2:6.8(41;6), loves the righteous and the unrighteous 2:5.1(38;6), 131:10.4(1454;1), 140:3.16(1571;3), 166:4.4(1830;4), loves with affection that is true, holy, divine, unlimited, eternal, and unique 40:10.13(454;2), never imposes arbitrary recognition 1:1.2(22;5), 131:1.8(1443;4), never intervenes in relationships between creatures 32:4.3(363;1), never torn by conflicting attitudes 2:4.3(38;3), no respecter of persons, races, or generations 1:4.6(27;1), 2:3.1(36;6), 3:1.12(46;4), 12:7.1,8(137;2), 40:10.13(454;2), 133:0.3(1468;3), 137:8.6(1536;3), 138:8.2(1545;3), 140:3.16(1571;3), 143:1.5(1608;2), 148:6.2(1662;4), 155:6.2(1730;6), 156:2.4(1736;1), 166:4.11(1831;2), 175:2.1-3(1909;1), 181:2.14(1958;1), 192:2.2(2047;6) , not in hiding 5:1.2,10(62;4), not willing any should perish 5:1.8(63;6), 131:10.4(1454;1), 159:1.2(1762;4), reveals himself to maximum extent possible 32:4.7(363;5), seeks sinners before they think of repentance 159:1.2(1762;4), 169:1.3(1851;1), 194:3.13(2065;1), sin does not alienate affections of 3:1.12(46;4), 13:4.4(150;3), yearns for our association 5:1.2(62;4), bestows life through his Sons 3:0.1(44;1), consciousness of 5:5sec(68;3),. See also God: consciousness of God, Creator Sons compensate for invisibility of 3:0.2(44;2), delegation of power, Father has distributed himself to his 6 absolute co-ordinates 5:0.2(62;2), 8:3.2(93;4),Father retires to give his children opportunity for experience and function 3:1.6(45;4), 3:5.1(50;6), 32:4.2(362;6), freely distributes himself; is not self-centered 2:2.5(36;3), 3:1.12(46;4), 7:0.2(81;2), 10:1.1-3(108;4), 10:3.17(112;1), 32:4.10-12(363;8), has reserved all final decisions; may act independently; power delegated can be exercised direct 0:3.3(5;2), 1:2.7(24;5), 3:5.1(50;6), 3:6.1(52;4), 32:4.4(363;2), may at any time interpose a fatherly hand in the stream of cosmic events 1:2.7(24;5), 32:4.4(363;2), 118:10.6(1305;1), not silent or inactive 32:4.1(362;5), reserves only powers impossible to delegate what is necessary to maintain all else 10:1sec(108;4), 10:3.6(111;4), 32:4.1,2,10-12), resigned exercise of all direct personal power in behalf of Supreme Creators 4:4.4(58;9), 32:4.3(363;1), 33:0.1(366;1), 108:4.1(1190;2) , described 3:6.7(53;5), 4:4.1-6(58;6), 105:3.2(1155;6), abides on Paradise and in human minds 12:7.12-13(139;1), absolute in liberty of action 10:3.8(111;6), absolutes of energy and spirit converge in 12:8.13(140;9), all things consist in 0:3.4(5;3), 3:1.7(45;5), 3:5.4(51;3), 3:6sec(52;4), 9:0.4(98;4), 11:8.1(125;4), 16:9.10(196;6), 42:1.2,6(467;4), 56:1.5(638;3), 56:9.14(646;1), 104:4.25(1150;7), 131:10.2,4(1453;4),always self-realizing on ever-expanding arena of time-space 42:10.1(480;4), appears personally outside Havona only as pure energy and pure spirit 42:11.1(481;5), 56:3.1(639;1), attributes Paper 3 (44;1),), being of final goodness plus will of creative infinity 4:4.3(58;8), best understood in Jesus' life 1:6.8(30;7), 2:0.1-2(33;1), 2:5.10(40;2), 3:6.7(53;5), 156:2.4(1736;1), 161:1.8(1784;5), 169:4.3-4(1856;1), cause of all material phenomena 3:2.3-4(47;1), center and circumference of spiritual kingdom 157:6.5(1749;4), consists in spirit, manifests as love 4:4.6(59;2), convergence of all universal lines of gravity 11:1.4(119;1),differentiation from I AM 0:3.15(6;2), discernible from finite to infinite 56:9.6(645;1), divinely unified personality 56:4.1(639;7), draws nearest to mortals with Adjusters and personality circuit 40:5.3(445;4), Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit liberate from personality absolutism 9:0.1(98;1), 10:0.1(108;1), 10:2.1(109;5), 10:3.7(111;5), e xistence beyond demonstration except by Adjuster 1:2.4-5(24;2), exists before spirit 104:4.12(1149;3), explanation of universal unity 56:9.11(645;6), farthest removed from, and most intimately associated with, planetary mortals 107:0.1(1176;1), Father idea is highest human concept of God 1:1.5-6(23;2), 4:4.5-6(59;1), 5:6.13(72;1), 56:4.4-5(640;3), 105:1.6(1153;3), 115:1.2(1260;3), 169:4.7(1856;5), 196:3.32(1856;5) , Father of every individual 5:4.12(68;2), geographical location eternally fixed on upper Paradise 0:3.6(5;5), 11:1sec(118;3), has no outside 4:4.1(58;6), he who has seen a Creator Son has seen 6:2.2(74;7), 10:1.6(109;4), 32:3.6(361;1), 107:0.4(1176;4), he who has seen Jesus has seen 157:6.13(1750;7), 180:3.9(1947;8), 182:1.9(1965;3), in Him we live, move, and have our being 1:1.2(22;5), 1:5.16(29;6), 2:1.11(35;4), 3:1.4(45;2), 12:7.12(139;1), 105:2.11(1155;4), 111:5.2(1221;3), 141:2.1(1588;4), 174:3.2(1900;2), in personal touch with all personalities 5:6.10(71;5), infinite in love and volition; universal upholder 0:12.9(16;6), 8:5.2(95;5), 9:0.2(98;2), infinitely more complex than the universes 3:1.2(44;5), 105:1.7(1153;4), is absolute will, volition 4:4.2-4(58;7), 10:3.6(111;4), is absolutely independent 4:4.2(58;7), is changeless 2:2.1,3(35;5), 4:3-4secs) 12:7.5(137;6), 130:4.2(1434;1), 131:10.4(1454;1), 142:2.2(1597;2), is eternal 6:0.2,4(73;2), 10:3.5(111;3), is I AM 105:1.2(1152;5), 105:2.5(1154;4), 106:9.9(1174;5), is infinite 1:3.1(25;1), 2:1.6(34;5), 3:4sec(49;5), 12:0.2(128;2), 105:3.2(1155;6), 106:7.5(1169;4), is invisible 1:3.1(25;1), 1:5.1-4(27;3), 3:0.2(44;2), is law 10:6.1(114;2), is love 6:3.3,5(75;8), 196:3.32(114;2), is omnipotent 3:2sec(46;5), is omnipresent 3:1sec(44;4) is omniscient 2:1.4-5(34;3), 3:3sec(48;5), 15:2.1(165;6), is perfect 2:2sec(35;5), is personality 1:5sec(27;3), 94:3.8(1031;1), is present with the Eternal Son and in the Infinite Spirit 8:5.2(95;5), 10:0.2(108;2), 10:7.1(115;3), is primal 7:6.4(88;2), is self-existent 4:4.1(58;6), is sovereign 3:5sec(50;6), is unity 56:0.1(637;1), 56:1.4(638;2), Jesus revealed the Father, but taught little about him 120:1.2,4(1325;4), 141:4sec(1590;4), 169:4sec(1855;2), 182:1.9-11(1965;3), law of U.F. and will of U.F. 141:2sec(1588;4), limited only by volition 0:3.2(5;1), 8:5.2(95;5), located by faith. See faith , maintains personal relations with all his creatures 1:5.9(28;6), man cannot see U.F. until Paradise 1:5.5(28;2), 153:2.11(1711;3), 180:6.8(1952;4), manifests himself in the usual, normal way 120:4.6(1331;6), man's eternal destination 5:4.3(67;1), most inescapable of all presences 16:9.4(195;6), nature Paper 2 (33;1),), only infinity can disclose 10:8.9(117;1), only Jesus knew 163:6.3(1807;2), 182:1.6(1964;3), only Son and Spirit know as infinity 56:9.6(645;1), origin and destiny of personality 1:5.1(27;3), 5:6.1(70;2), Paradise and Eternal Son are simultaneously eternalized antipodal revelations of 9:1.7(100;1), 11:9.3(127;1), 42:1.1(467;3), 56:2.2(638;6), 104:4.9(1148;8), personal source of all Deity and reality 56:9.10(645;5), personality of infinity minus absolute personality of Eternal Son 10:2.5(110;3), personality of the Infinite 10:1.3(109;1), realization of U.F. inalienable 4:4sec(58;6), 16:9.4,6(195;6), revealed within qualities of divinity 106:9.11(1174;7), Rodan on personality of 161:1sec(1783;3), sin not part of consciousness of 174:1.4(1898;4), source of flood-streams of life, energy, and personality to universes 11:1.4(119;1), speaks to universes only through Eternal Son 6:0.3(73;3), 7:7.1(88;7), 10:1.4(109;2), 10:3.3(111;1), 16:2.2(186;1), speaks within heart as still, small voice 148:6.10(1664;2), testimony by Divine Counselor 1:3.8(26;2), 1:7.9(32;1), Thought Adjuster is image of 1:3.1(25;1), 3:4.7(50;5), 117:3.5(1281;7), transcends all mind, matter, and spirit 1:7.7(31;7), unifies 7 Absolutes 56:4.2(640;1), 104:3.6(1147;1), unqualifiedly self-conscious 2:1.3-4(34;2), 3:6.7(53;5), what U.F. is not 1:2.2(23;5), 3:2.6-10(47;4), 4:5sec(59;6), 12:7.6(138;1), 102:6.3(1124;5), direct worship to Father alone 5:3.1(65;3), 74:4.5(832;5), 131:1.3(1442;5), final destiny of all personalities is final knowing of 106:8.19(1172;7), finding. See God: finding God, functions, acts through Creator Sons in local universes 32:3.4(360;6), 32:4.3,10(363;1), 33:0.1(366;1), as absolute Deity, only in Trinity 10:4.1(112;4), as absolute personality, functions as Eternal Son 10:2.1(109;5), as Creator, only in conjunction with Eternal Son 6:1.3(74;2) , as physical controller, through Paradise 1:2.7(24;5), 10:3.11(111;9), 12:6.2(135;12), bestows Thought Adjusters 1:2.5(24;3), 2:5.10(40;2), 5:0.1(62;1), 5:6.7(71;2), 8:5.2(95;5), 50:1.1(572;3), 107:0.2(1176;2), 107:6.2(1182;4), 108:6.3(1193;2), 110:0.2(1203;2), 117:3.9(1282;4), 120:3.9(1330;4), 136:2.5(1512;1), 194:2.12(2062;1), 196:3.18(2095;5), comes to us as a personality only through the divine Sons 1:5.6(28;3), 7:7.4(89;3), 40:5.3(445;4), directly through Thought Adjusters 10:3.15(111;13), 32:4.4-9(363;2), exercises immediate personal control over master functions of infinity through triunities 104:3.11(1147;6), 104:4.1(1147;7), Father is present in our hearts by our Master Spirit 32:4.9(363;7), has concentrated all potential reality in Paradise 11:2.7(120;2), maintains contact through personality circuit 5:0.2(62;2), not personally responsible for everything 118:6.1,8(1299;4), 148:5.4(1662;1), on prepersonal, personal, and superpersonal levels 0:2.2(3;8), outside Havona 10:3.9-16(111;7), over all 4 absolute-gravity circuits 12:3.1(131;4), participates in our struggles, our experience with immaturity 1:5.15-16(29;5), 2:2.6-7(36;4), participates through ordained agencies 0:3sec(4;13), 1:2.7(24;5), 32:4.1-12(362;5), personally controls pure energy, pure spirit, and gravity 42:0.1(467;1), 56:1.3-4(638;1), 56:3.1(639;1), presides over pre-energy, prespirit, and personality 9:1.4(99;3), self-bestowal does not lessen potential 2:1.9(35;2), 3:4sec(49;5), sole source of personality 5:6sec(70;2), 6:5.3(77;6), 6:7.1(79;1), 8:5.2(95;5), 9:6.4(104;2), 10:2.4(110;2), 16:8.1-3,9) 32:4.5(363;3), God the Sevenfold provides progressive approach to 56:7.8(643;2), idea of U.F. 's personality brought by revelation 1:5.10(28;7), in Uversa personality register 30:2.3(335;1), Lucifer charged U.F. did not exist 53:3.2(603;3), mandate to achieve perfection. See commandments , methods of contact with man 1:2.7(24;5), 2:1.7-8(34;6), 5:0.2(62;2), name stands for degree of enthronement in heart 1:1.3,6(22;6), no argument concerning his reality would ever be convincing 101:2.14(1107;6), 102:1.5(1119;4), no man attains U.F. except through Eternal Son 8:3.7(93;9), 26:1.8(286;3), 105:3.3(1155;7), no man goes to U.F. except through Michael 180:3.7(1947;6), paradox of fatherhood 12:7.8(138;3), parental relationship essential to understanding U.F. 45:6.4-9(516;2), 47:1.4,6(531;2), personally present on Paradise, but does not indwell minds of Paradise-Havona beings 32:3.4(360;6), presences of Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit enshroud 6:0.1(73;1), 8:3.8(94;1), 11:1.1(118;3), whosoever receives Jesus, receives U.F. 158:8.1(1761;2), 162:2.3(1791;1), words and acts of subordinates attributed to 51:3.5(583;4), worship U.F., first because he is 2:5.7(39;6), 16:9.10(196;6), 149:6.5(1675;6),
    2. The Eternal Son. Papers 6,7) (10:1.4). See also gravity: types of gravity: spirit gravity, 7 sacred worlds of E.S. 13:0.4(143;4), 13:3sec(149;4), accepted Michael's bestowal at transfiguration 158:3.2(1755;2), active spirit gravity of E.S. calculated 12:3.5(132;3), Adjusters use spirit-gravity circuits of E.S. to convey worship to Father 5:3.2(65;4), also known as: Co-ordinate Creator 0:2.10(4;7), Eternal Mother Son 21:1.3(235;2), 21:5.7(241;4), Original Son 6:1.5-6(74;4), other titles 6:1.5-6(74;4), Second Person of Deity 0:2.10(4;7), 6:1.1(73;5), Second Source and Center 6:1.1,6(73;5), Spirit Controller 0:2.10(4;7), attained only through Infinite Spirit 8:3.7-8(93;9), 8:6.2(96;4), bestowals: bestowed himself upon 7 circuits of Havona in times of Grandfanda 7:5.5-7(86;6), 8:4.3(94;5), 119:0.2(1308;2), bestows himself in bestowal of each Son of God 7:2.1(83;4), 7:5.10-11(87;4), 116:3.3(1271;1), Creator Sons compensate for our inability to grasp 6:8.7(80;4), he who has seen a Paradise Son has seen 7:5.11(87;5), 20:6.5(229;4), incarnated in Jesus 7:5.4(86;5), 7:7.6(89;5), incarnation is mystery of E.S. 13:1.8(145;3), creation of Eternal Son 105:2.5(1154;4), differentiation from I AM 0:3.15(6;2), Father trinitized 6:7.1(79;1), original and only-begotten Son of God 6:0.1(73;1), 6:1.1(73;5), 7:6.3(88;1), 8:0.1(90;1), Paradise appeared simultaneously with E.S. 9:1.7(100;1), 11:9.3(127;1), 56:2.2(638;6), perfect expression of Father's first absolute and infinite thought 20:5.1(227;4), Creator Sons in perfect and constant communication with 7:6.7(88;5), 21:5.7(241;4), 34:3.5(377;1), Father speaks to universe only through E.S. 10:3.3(111;1), 16:2.2(186;1), functions of the Eternal Son, all knowledge of Father comes from E.S. and Paradise Sons 7:7.1(88;7), 10:1.4(109;2), 10:3.3(111;1), created vast other-than-personal spirit host 6:5.3(77;6), does not bestow personality except with Father 6:5.3-6(77;6), does not personally function in superuniverses; maintains superpersonal representation 7:2.3(83;6), does not personally function on physical or mindal levels 6:5.1(77;4), draws all spirit personalities and spirit realities to himself 6:5.5(78;1), 14:2.7-8(155;1), 20:1.6(224;3), draws near by downstepping gradations of divine sonship 7:5.2(86;3), 107:1.7(1178;1), finaliters allied with spirit-gravity circuit of 117:5.3(1286;1), no personality attains Father except through 8:3.7(93;9), 26:1.8(286;3), 105:3.3(1155;7), prayer should be directed to 5:3.2,4-5), relation to individuals 7:3sec(84;1), revelation of Father's love to universes 6:3.4(75;9), spiritual administration not discernible 6:1.2(74;1), 6:2.5(75;2), 7:2sec(83;4), trustee of Father's plan of creature ascension 7:4.7(86;1), upholds all spiritual realities 7:0.4(81;4), in Uversa personality register 30:2.3(335;1), intersonship circuit with Paradise Sons 7:6.7(88;5), 15:9.7(177;6), 20:1.6(224;3), Jesus was not the E.S. 6:1.3(74;2), 33:1.2(366;3), 104:1.11(1144;8), 161:1.6(1784;3), nature 6:1sec(73;5), 6:2sec(74;6), 6:4sec(76;1), 105:3.3(1155;7), Absolute of actuality 0:4.7(7;5), 104:5.3(1151;3), 115:3.7,8,10(1262;4), Absolute Person 0:5.5(8;5), 6:0.3(73;3), 6:1.2(74;1), 6:7.1(79;1), 10:2.4(110;2), 56:9.5(644;7), 104:5.3(1151;3), 105:3.3(1155;7) absolute spiritual power 6:4.1(76;1), 7:1.1(81;6), 9:1.4(99;3), 10:3.18(112;2), 12:8.4(139;7), 14:2.6-7(154;8), 20:1.6(224;3) all spirit is actually part of E.S. 7:1.4(82;3), always concerned with our welfare, spiritual security 7:3.1(84;1), bestows everything possible upon his Sons 7:0.2(81;2), counterpoise to Paradise 7:0.3(81;3), difficult for mortals to grasp 6:8.6(80;3), equal to Father in love, mercy, and ministry 6:4.9(77;2), incapable of fragmentation 6:5.5-6(78;1), 7:5.3(86;4), 10:3.18(112;2), infinite in wisdom and truth; universal revealer 9:0.2(98;2), is eternal 10:3.5(111;3), is mercy 6:3.2,5(75;7), 8:4.2(94;4), knows Father as infinity 56:9.6(645;1), limited in transmittal of Creator prerogatives 6:5.4(77;7) loves like a mother 6:3.5(75;10), 6:8.1(79;4), not limited by time or space 34:3.1(376;4), omnipresent spirit distinct from spirit gravity 7:1.7(82;6), oneness with Father and Spirit 10:0.2(108;2), 10:7.1(115;3), revealed in Paradise Sons 10:1.6(109;4), 16:2.1(185;5) revelation of divine love 1:3.8(26;2), 6:3.1(75;6), Second Person of Deity 6:1.1(73;5), 14:6.9(160;10), 56:7.3(642;3), spirit is not indwelling like Adjuster's, but is omnipresent 6:4.6(76;6), 7:3.1(84;1), spirit values and forces, spirit gravity, converge and cohere in 0:3.8(5;7), 2:7.7(42;8), 6:4.6(76;6), 7:1.1(81;6), 44:5.4(505;1), 56:3.1(639;1), 116:7.4(1276;5), spiritual and personal nature of God amplified by divestment of all else 6:2.2-6(74;7), 6:7.3(79;3), 7:7.1-2(88;7), 10:1.4(109;2), 169:4.10(1857;1), spiritual personalization of Father's infinite concept of divine reality 6:0.3(73;3), spiritually omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent 6:4.2-8(76;2), 6:5.1(77;4), 7:6.8(88;6), unifies all time-space spirit 56:3.4(639;4), unqualified in volition 195:6.14(2077;10), Word of God 6:0.1(73;1), 6:1.3(74;2), 6:2.2(74;7), 6:8.3(79;6), 14:6.12(161;2), 20:5.1(227;4), 56:2.1(638;5), personality of E.S. is master pattern for all personality 0:6.13(10;5), 6:7sec(79;1), 6:8.5(80;2), 115:3.14(1263;1), presence immediately enshrouds Father on Paradise 6:0.1(73;1), 11:1.1(118;3), recognition of the Eternal Son 6:8sec(79;4), ascenders recognize E.S. on 4th circuit of Havona 26:8.1-2(293;5), easier to approach than Father 7:7.5(89;4), Michael possesses all attributes of E.S., were E.S. in Nebadon 33:1.2(366;3), Planetary Princes are nearest personal approach of E.S. (aside from incarnation) to man 50:1.1(572;3), Reflective Image Aids represent superpersonal agents of 15:10.7(179;1), relation to Deity Absolute 7:1.9-11(83;1), 7:2.1(83;4), satisfactions afforded by Havona 14:6.9-13(160;10), superpersonalities of 7:2.3(83;6), 15:10.7(179;1), triunity and triodity membership 104:4.3,6,10(1148;2), 104:5.2(1151;2),
    3. The Infinite Spirit. Papers 8, 9), 7 sacred worlds of 13:0.5(143;5), 13:4sec(149;7), accepted Michael's bestowal at transfiguration 158:3.3(1755;3), Adjusters entirely outside mind circuits of 6:6.3(78;6), also known as: Conjoint Actor 8:2.2(92;3), 9:1.1(98;6), 17:8.1(205;2), 28:3.2(307;4), Conjoint Creator 8:1.7(91;4), 8:3.3(93;5), 9:1.1(98;6), 9:3.5(101;5), 34:1.2(375;1), God of Action 8:1sec(90;5), 9:3.6-7(101;6), Infinite Mother Spirit 14:6.31(162;9), the Spirit 8:1.10(91;7), 8:3sec(93;3), Third Person of Deity 8:1.2,7(90;6), Third Source and Center 8:1.8(91;5), 8:2.3(92;4), 9:3.5-8(101;5), Universal Intelligence 24:2.1(266;7), apparent ancestor of motion, change, relationship 9:1.1(98;6), appearance 0:3.15(6;2), 10:2.3(110;1), 105:2.7(1154;6), conceived in eternity by Father and Son 8:0.3(90;3), 8:1.1-2(90;5), 8:3.1(93;3), eternalized concurrently with Havona 8:3.1(93;3), personality cycle complete upon personalization of 8:1.1(90;5), Father and Eternal Son found union in 8:3.1(93;3), 118:9.8(1304;1), ascenders recognize I.S. on 5th Havona circuit; first Deity to be recognized 8:3.7-8(93;9), 26:7.1,5-6), defined as 8:2sec(92;2), 8:6sec(96;3), 9:1sec(98;6), Absolute Mind; Infinite Mind 8:6.3(96;5), 9:1.1(98;6), 9:4sec(102;1), 116:1.3(1269;2), Absolute of actuality 115:3.7-10(1262;4), an Absolute of Infinity 105:3.5(1156;2), Conjoint Actor, Third Person of Deity 0:2.11(4;8), 14:6.14(161;4), Father and Son's infinite agent of mutual expression and action 8:0.1-3(90;1), member of triodity of actuality 104:5.2(1151;2), part of God the Sevenfold 116:5.2(1273;6), source and convergence of all mind 0:3.7(5;6), 0:5.5(8;5), 2:7.7(42;8), 8:6.3(96;5), 9:1.1,4(98;6), 56:3.1(639;1), 105:3.5(1156;2), spirit of God 8:5.5-6(96;1), sfamily of Infinite Spirit Papers 23-26) 9:8sec(105;6), are Act of God 10:3.3(111;1), central personality registries kept on Paradise spheres of Infinite Spirit 17:1.6(198;6), children are living ladder whereby man climbs from chaos to glory 9:8.17(107;7), children of I.S. referred to as daughters of God 38:2.2(419;2), in personality registers 30:1.13(332;4), 30:2.10-13(336;2), largely independent of space 34:3.2-3(376;5), lowest expression of I.S. is in angels 40:5.2(445;3), 50:1.1(572;3), orders of personalities 9:8.12-15(107;2), 38:0sec(418;1),
      Higher Personalities of Infinite Spirit Paper 24 (264;1),) 30:2.11(336;3),
      s1. Solitary Messengers q.v.
      s2. Universe Circuit Supervisors q.v.
      s3. Census Directors q.v.
      s4. Personal Aids of the Infinite Spirit q.v.
      s5. Associate Inspectors q.v.
      s6. Assigned Sentinels q.v.
      s7. Graduate Guides q.v.
      Messenger Hosts of Space Paper 25 (273;1),) 30:2.12(336;4)
      s1. Havona Servitals q.v.
      s2. Universal Conciliators q.v.
      s3. Technical Advisers q.v.
      s4. Custodians of Records q.v.
      s5. Celestial Recorders q.v.
      s6. Morontia Companions q.v.
      s7. Paradise Companions q.v.
      Ministering Spirits of Time Paper 26 (285;1),) 30:2.13(336;5)
      s1. supernaphim q.v.
      s2. seconaphim q.v.
      s3. tertiaphim q.v.
      s4. omniaphim q.v.
      s5. seraphim q.v.
      s6. cherubim and sanobim q.v.
      s7. midwayers q.v.
      Supreme Spirits
      s1. Seven Master Spirits q.v.
      s2. Seven Supreme Executives q.v.
      s3. Reflective Spirits q.v.
      s4. Reflective Image Aids q.v.
      s5. Seven Spirits of Havona Circuits q.v.
      s6. local universe Mother Spirits q.v.
      s7. adjutant mind-spirits q.v.
      Universe Power Directors 30:2.14-18(336;6)
      s1. Seven Supreme Power Directors q.v.
      s2. Supreme Power Centers q.v.
      s3. Master Physical Controllers q.v.
      spacer4. Morontia Power Supervisors q.v.
      unrevealed beings 30:1.13(332;4), provides evidence for universe tribunals 10:6.3-4(114;4), Seven Master Spirits are primary personalities of 9:8.2(105;7), 10:2.7(110;5), 13:4.2(150;1), 16:0.1(184;1), 16:2sec(185;5), 17:8.9(206;4), some beings not unqualifiedly personal to others 9:8.7,15(106;5), truly understand mortals 9:0.3(98;3), Father treats I.S. as equal 133:2.2(1471;1), flash presence of 15:9.8(177;7), functions of Infinite Spirit: activator of Paradise pattern 9:3.8(101;8), 105:3.5(1156;2), 116:5.7(1274;4), agencies ceaselessly manipulate all forces and energies 9:0.1(98;1), 9:0.4(98;4), 9:3.8(101;8), agencies of I.S. handle our practical daily affairs 5:3.5(66;1), ancestor of cosmic mind 9:5.4(103;2), 9:7.3-4(105;3), 12:6.3(136;1), 16:9.11(196;7), antigravity 9:1.7(100;1), 9:3.2-3(101;2), bestows Third Source personality 9:8.6-10(106;4),. See also Third Source personalities , can act for Father in bestowal of personality 9:8.8(106;6), compensates for incompleteness of evolutionary Deity the Supreme and the Ultimate 9:1.6(99;5), 116:4.2(1272;1), correlator of all actual reality 9:1.3(99;2), 104:4.22(1150;4), draws all divine and perfect ideas and values in his mind circuit 9:6.2(103;7), draws all intellectual values Paradiseward 14:2.8(155;2), draws near all creatures as a person in angels 8:4.6(95;1), Eternal Son only attained through I.S. 8:3.7-8(93;9), 8:6.2(96;4), executive agency for Father-Son partnership 7:4.6(85;7), 8:0.1-3(90;1), 8:1.3(90;7), 8:3.5(93;7), 9:3.7(101;7), 10:1.4(109;2), 10:2.4(110;2), 10:3.3(111;1), 16:2.2(186;1), 105:2.7(1154;6), exerts personal presence only in Paradise, Havona 16:2.3(186;2), finite energy and spirit held together by mind presences of 8:2.5(92;6), 9:0.2(98;2), 9:1.4(99;3), 12:6.3(136;1), 12:8.7(140;3), 56:2.1-3(638;5), 103:7.3(1138;1), 115:3.14(1263;1), 116:3.2(1270;6), fragmentizes portions of his spirit to indwell Spirit-fusion mortals 30:1.18(333;4), 49:6.6(569;1), 107:1.7(1178;1), has dedicated all to mortal ascension plan 8:3.5(93;7), initiates motions of space 12:4.3-4(133;5), life comes into being by action of 130:4.7(1434;6), makes possible reflectivity 9:7.1(105;1), manipulator and neutralizer of energies of Paradise 9:1.4(99;3), 9:3.4-5(101;4), 10:3.19(112;3), 41:5.8(461;4), ministers combined love of Father and Son 8:4.5(94;7), ministers to minds, even of most primitive living things 8:4.1,5(94;3), 9:5.3(103;1), 42:10.7(481;4), personal presence of actual ministry in Havona 8:4.3(94;5), providence is domain of 9:1.3(99;2), relation to universe Paper 9 (98;1), source of mind 6:8.5(80;2), 9:4.3(102;3), 12:8.7(140;3), 44:5.3(504;7), 49:4.8(564;10), in superuniverses, I.S. speaks only through Seven Master Spirits 16:2.2(186;1), in Uversa personality register 30:2.3(335;1), Infinite Mind is a law in itself 9:6.6(104;4), mind of I.S. is adequate to endow an infinite universe 9:5.1(102;7), mortals can know presence of I.S. in the Holy Spirit 9:2.5(100;7), nature of the Infinite Spirit: absolute only in domain of mind 9:1.5(99;4), 9:4.3(102;3), action--motion, change, modification, co-ordination, stabilization, equilibrium 9:3.5(101;5), altogether like Father 9:0.5(98;5), 169:4.10(1857;1), eternal; divine personality 8:0.4(90;4), 8:2.1(92;2), 8:6sec(96;3), 10:3.5(111;3), existential Deity synthesis of personality and power 8:0.4(90;4), 56:7.3(642;3), 104:5.3(1151;3), independent of space and time 9:4.4(102;4), 34:3.1-2(376;4), knows Father as infinity 56:9.6(645;1), mercy, ministry, and love applied 7:4.6(85;7), 8:2.6(92;7), 8:4.2(94;4), omnipresent; pervades all space 8:4.3(94;5), 8:5.1(95;4), 9:0.5(98;5), 9:1.5(99;4), 33:3.1(368;1), 34:3.2(376;5), omniscient; omnipotent in domain of mind 9:1.5(99;4), 9:4.3(102;3), 9:6.1(103;6), 24:2.1(266;7), oneness with Father and Son 10:0.2(108;2), 10:7.1(115;3), personality of unlimited spirituality, absolute mind, prerogatives of energy manipulation 9:0.1(98;1), revealed in bestowals of Paradise Sons 10:1.6(109;4), revelation of unity of God 9:0.4(98;4), not all who attain Paradise can immediately discern 16:2.1(185;5), participates or participated, in birth of local universe Mother Spirits 17:6.3-7(203;6), in creation of Havona 8:1.4(91;1), in everything except physical gravity, spiritual gravity, and personality circuit 10:3.19(112;3), in spheres of mind, matter, and spirit 10:3.19(112;3), in transcendental appearances of Eternal Son 8:4.3(94;5), with original Michael Son in Havona bestowals 8:4.3(94;5), personification of I.S. is first Paradise record 25:6.6(282;4), premind fragmentations of 30:1.18(333;4), presence of I.S. enshrouds Father and Son 8:3.8(94;1), 11:1.1(118;3), reflectivity is secret of 13:1.10(145;5), satisfactions afforded by Havona 14:6.14-19(161;4), seconaphim interpret mind of I.S. for Ancients of Days 28:4.4(308;3), seraphic guardians correlate influences of 113:3.2(1244;3), Seven Master Spirits distribute I.S. to superuniverses 16:2.5(186;4), Solitary Messengers traverse space over mind circuits of 107:6.5(1182;7), sorrows of I.S. are real 8:6.4(96;6), Trinity Guides help Havona pilgrims find 26:7.2(292;6),
    1. The Seven Master Spirits. Paper 16  There is One for each Superuniverse, also known as Seven Spirits; Seven Paradise Spirits; Seven Center Supervisors 16:4.1(189;2), 16:5.2(190;12) attributes and functions 16:4sec(189;2) distribute Infinite Spirit to evolutionary universes 3:1.8(45;6), 9:8.2(105;7), 15:0.1(164;1), 16:2.3,5(186;2), 16:4.1(189;2), 7 great approaches to Father 117:6.15(1290;1) bestowal of adjutant mind-spirits 16:4.10(190;4) bestowal of local universe Holy Spirit 16:4.13(190;7) bestowal of local universe Spirit of Truth 16:4.14(190;8) channel of life to creation 36:6.7(404;5)
    2. The Seven Supreme Executives. 17:1sec(198;1),. See also Supreme Executive #7 (of Orvonton) 17:1.5(198;5)  administrative co-ordinators of grand universe 17:1.3(198;3) carry out policies of all duly constituted rulers 17:1.4(198;4) created omniaphim 26:1.6(286;1), 28:2sec(307;1) do not interfere with rule of Ancients of Days or Creator Sons 17:1.4(198;4) each concerned with only one superuniverse 17:1.5(198;5) see and know all that transpires 17:1.3(198;3) Seven Master Spirits contact superuniverse governments through 17:0.4(197;4), 17:1.2(198;2) trinitized by Father, Son, and Spirit 17:1.1(198;1) Trinitized Sons of Perfection are immediate subordinates 17:1.7(199;1), 22:1.5(244;3), 22:8.2(251;6)
    3. The Seven Groups of Reflective Spirits. 17:3sec(200;5),. See also Majeston, There are 7 on headquarters of each superuniverse 15:10.2(178;2), 17:3.1(200;5), 17:4.1(202;1), 25:2.2(275;2), 28:4.5(308;4) 49, plus Majeston, created by Master Spirits and Trinity 17:2.1(199;5), 17:3.1(200;5), 116:4.3-4(1272;2) all 49 act in unison on special occasions 17:3.11(201;9) among Supreme Spirits of Infinite Spirit 9:8.13(107;3) created 49 Reflective Image Aids 17:3.4(201;2), 17:4.1(202;1) seconaphim created by the Reflective Spirits 17:3.5(201;3), 17:4.3(202;3), 17:8.2(205;3), 26:1.6(286;1), 28:0.1(306;1), 28:3.2(307;4) true but incomprehensible personalities 17:4.2(202;2) When it comes  to reflectivity except for Majeston and Reflective Spirits, all personnel are children of Infinite Spirit 17:3.4(201;2)
    4. The Reflective Image Aids. 7 reside on each superuniverse capital 15:10.2(178;2), 17:4.1(202;1) 49 created by Reflective Spirits 17:3.4(201;2), 17:4.1(202;1) The seven Reflective Image Aids -- the spokesmen of the seven Reflective Spirits and through them representatives of the Seven Master Spirits of Paradise. communication channel between Reflective Spirits and super-universes 15:10.6-7(178;6), 17:0.4(197;4), 17:3.4(201;2), 17:4.1-2(202;1) devoid of will 17:4.3(202;3) each is perfect reproduction of Reflective Spirit parent, minus reflectivity 17:4.1(202;1)
    5. The Seven Spirits of the Circuits. 17:0.4 In the central universe the Master Spirits may function through the Seven Spirits of the Havona Circuits; They are in the remaining four groups are brought into being by the creative acts of the Infinite Spirit or by his associates of creative status. 17:0.2
    6. Local Universe Creative Spirits. Local Universe Mother Spirits Paper 34 (374;1),) Holy Spirit is of 8:5.3, See also local universe Mother Spirit of Nebadon, 6th group of Supreme Spirits of Infinite Spirit 9:8.13(107;3), 33:3.2(368;2) Universe Mother Creators 14:6.31(162;9), achievement of personality by creative cooperation with Creator Son 21:3.6(237;8), 33:3.1(368;1), 34:0,1secs) 34:2.1(375;4), birth within person of Infinite Spirit 9:8.4-5(106;2), 17:6.3-7(203;6), as Infinite Spirit to local universes 9:8.5(106;3), 33:3.3(368;3), 34:2.2(375;5), create local universes with Creator Sons 8:3.4(93;6), 14:6.29(162;7)
    7. Adjutant Mind-Spirits. 34:4.7(378;4), 36:5sec(401;5), 42:10.4(481;1), 65:7sec (738;4) Are bestowal of, level of conscious of Mother Spirit 17:7.1, 7  adjutant Mind Spirits 36:5.1, #1 intuition 34:4.7(378;4), #2 understanding 34:4.7(378;4), #3 courage 34:4.7(378;4), #4 knowledge 34:4.7(378;4), 62:6.3-6(709;4), #5 counsel 34:4.7(378;4), #6 worship 34:4.7(378;4), 62:6.3-6(709;4), 65:7.7(739;3), 85:7sec(948;6), #7 wisdom 34:4.7(378;4), 65:7.7(739;3), 85:7sec(948;6)
    1. Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy. Paradise Level of the Universe13:2.9-10(149;2), 18:1sec(207;5) Supreme Trinity Personalities,70 in number 18:1.1(207;5), 10 preside over each Paradise world of the Father 13:1.2-3(144;2), 13:2.9-10(149;2), 18:1.1(207;5). are secrets of Supreme and Ultimate 13:2.10(149;3), collectively know all secrets 13:2.9(149;2), fully known only by their special world groups 13:2.9(149;2), highest order of Stationary Sons of Trinity 13:1.2(144;2).
    2. Eternals of Days. Paradise Level of the Universe,1 Billion created by Trinity; one directs each Havona sphere 14:3.3(155;6), 14:5.6,9(159;2), 18:2.1(208;6), divine equals of Ancients of Days 18:2.2(208;7), each embellishes his sphere according to own original plans 14:5.6(159;2), 18:2.3-4(209;1),  function without rotation 18:2.1(208;6), not creators but perfect administrators 14:3.3(155;6), Supreme Trinity Personalities 18:0.1(207;1), 18:2.1(208;6), Trinity Teacher Son replaces when absent 18:2.2(208;7), visible to all inhabitants of their worlds 18:2.2(208;7).
    3. Ancients of Days. Superuniverse Level, (3 In Orvonton) 3 rule each superuniverse , 3 required to know will of Gods 28:4.10(309;4), 21 Total 15:2.8(166;7), all 21 are uniform superperfect offspring of Trinity 18:3.2,4(209;4), Bible reference 28:6.6(314;5), 2nd level of God the Sevenfold 55:4.10(628;1), 56:5.3(640;7), 116:2.4(1270;1), among Supreme Creators 56:5.3(640;7), 116:2.4-5(1270;1), by reflectivity see both ways, know both ways, co-ordinate both ways 28:4.2(308;1), 43:0.1(485;1), 116:4.6(1272;5), Eternals of Days are divine equals of 18:2.2(208;7), most powerful direct rulers of time-space creations 18:3.7(210;1), never leave residential worlds 18:3.5(209;7), Supreme Being destined to supersede 18:3.8(210;2), 55:12.3,5(636;4), 116:0.5(1268;5), 117:2.7(1280;7), refuse to annihilate any being until all moral values are extinct in evildoer and sympathizers 54:3.3(615;5), invested with final judgment concerning extinction of will creatures 2:3.3(37;1), 15:12.2(180;3), 18:3.7(210;1), 33:2.1(367;3), 36:1.1(396;2), 37:3.7(409;4), judgment belongs to 53:1.2(601;4), ascenders can recognize and communicate with 18:3.1(209;3), mandated Urantia Papers 31:10.15(354;8).
    4. Perfections of Days. Perfections of Days -- the rulers of the superuniverse major sectors. Major Sector Level, 3 rule each major sector 15:10.6(178;6), 210 in existence 18:4.1(210;4), administer group pledges to ascenders 18:4.7(211;3), apprenticed under Eternals of Days 18:4.6(211;2), Supreme Trinity Personalities 15:13.1(181;1), 18:0.1(207;1), Trinitized Custodians are officers of tribunals of 18:4.5(211;1).
    5. Recents of Days. Recents of Days -- the directors of the superuniverse minor sectors. Minor Sector Level, 3 preside over each minor sector 15:10.6(178;6 ), 21,000 simultaneously created by Trinity 18:5.1(211;6), apprenticed under Eternals of Days 18:4.6(211;2), 18:5.1(211;6),  Supreme Trinity Personalities 18:0.1(207;1), resident ascending mortals serve 18:5.2(211;7), Trinitized Custodians are officers of tribunals of 18:4.5(211;1).
    6. Unions of Days. Unions of Days -- the Paradise advisers to the rulers of the local universes. Local Universe Level, Only 1 in our Local Universe Immanuel number 611,121 of Nebadon 33:5.1(370;6), 700,000 in existence one for each Local Universe no more being created18:6.2(212;4), act only upon request of local authorities 18:6.5(212;7), always in touch with each other 18:6.4(212;6), embody wisdom of Trinity 54:5.8(617;8), Faithfuls of Days are personal representatives of 18:7.3(213;5), 33:5.3(371;1), 43:4.2(489;5), advise Bright and Morning Stars when Creator Sons absent 18:6.7(213;2), 21:2.11(237;1), direct local universes in absences of Creator Sons 18:6.7(213;2), direct Solitary Messengers until their respective Creator Son is sovereign 23:2.11(259;4), in a sense, represent Universal Father 33:5.1(370;6), Trinity representatives to local universes 15:10.6(178;6), 15:13.6(181;6), 18:6.1,6-7) 33:5sec(370;6), 120:0.7(1324;4), Supreme Trinity Personalities of 6th order 18:0.1(207;1), 33:5.2(370;7).
    7. Faithfuls of Days. Faithfuls of Days -- the Paradise counselors to the Most High rulers of the constellation governments. Constellation Level, See also Faithful of Days of Edentia ,70 million in existence 18:7.1(213;3), in constant communication with their order 18:7.3(213;5), 43:4.3(489;6), instructed to retire after Michael's completion of sovereignty; Michael requested them to remain 119:8.1(1317;5), function in supreme council in light and life 55:10.1(634;1), last link in administrative-advisory chain 18:7.5(213;7), never proffer advice unless asked 18:7.2(213;4), 33:5.4(371;2), 43:4.2(489;5), representatives of Unions of Days 18:7.3(213;5), 33:5.3(371;1), 43:4.2(489;5), Trinity advisers, representatives to constellations 15:2.4(166;3), 15:10.6(178;6), 15:13.6(181;6), 18:7.1-2(213;3), 43:4.1-3(489;4), Supreme Trinity Personalities 18:0.1(207;1).
    8. Trinity Teacher Sons. (Daynals) 21 billion in service; 19:1sec(214;3),Trinity Teacher Sons who may chance to be on duty at superuniverse headquarters. 15,000 to 20,000 in Nebedon, 35:0.1(384;1) created by Trinity 7:6.6(88;4), do not incarnate; contact worlds through Brilliant Evening Stars 20:9.3(232;1), 37:2.2,9(407;2), Magisterial Sons accompany T.T.S. to terminate dispensations 20:9.2(231;6), 52:7.8(599;4), Michael was private secretary to a T.T.S. on seraphic bestowal 119:4.4(1314;1), no personal spiritual drawing power 20:7.5(230;7), Paradise Sons of God; order of Daynals 20:1sec(223;3), 20:7.1(230;3), residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.6(524;4), administer examinations for all phases of service 20:8.3(231;3), advised Melchizedek receivers after rebellion 67:6.5(759;8), arrive after planet achieves spiritual development 20:9.1(231;5), as local universe ambassadors 20:8.1(231;1), assigned to supreme council of unlimited authority in local universe light and life 55:10.6(634;6), come in groups of 71 to prepare planets for light and life; not materialized; remain at least 1000 years 20:9.1-4(231;5), 49:5.20(567;7), 52:7.2,10-16), concerned with moral enlightenment, spiritual development 20:7.3(230;5), 20:9.2(231;6), conscious teachers of all personalities 7:6.6(88;4), 19:5.9(220;4), return many times to a world 20:9.4(232;2), work closely with finaliters 20:9.4-5(232;2), 55:4.11(628;2), visit Urantia 20:9.1(231;5).
    9. Perfectors of Wisdom. On major sectors 18:4.4(210;7), 7 billion in existence; 15:10.4(178;4), as Most High Assistants 37:4.2(409;7), are wisdom of Trinity 19:2.3(216;1), co-ordinates are Divine Counselors and Universal Censors 19:2.2(215;11), 19:3.2(217;1), created by Trinity; personify divine wisdom 15:10.4(178;4), 19:2.1,4(215;10), require complement of experiential wisdom 19:2.5(216;3), residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.8(524;6), serve superuniverse governments; preside over some super-universe courts 15:10.3-5(178;3), 15:12.1(180;2), represent "I was" of judgment 19:4.4(218;2), 19:2.2(215;11), train Celestial Recorders on Uversa 25:6.1(281;6), work on individual planets 19:2.6(216;4), Voices of Wisdom, Souls of Philosophy, and Unions of Souls are reflective associates of 28:3.1(307;3), 28:5.3,7,11-14), with associates, are highest source of truth on evolutionary planets 19:2.6(216;4).
    10. Divine Counselors. On major sectors 18:4.4(210;7), residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.8(524;6), 21 billion in service; fixed numbers 15:10.4(178;4), Trinity-origin beings; are counsel of Deity to superuniverses 15:10.4(178;4), 19:3.1,6(216;5), as Most High Assistants 37:4.2(409;7), 109 days required for trip from Uversa to Urantia 19:7.4(222;5), co-ordinates are Perfectors of Wisdom and Universal Censors 19:2.2(215;11), Counselor knows whereof he speaks 1:7.9(32;1), 6:8.8(80;5), Hearts of Counsel, Joys of Existence, Satisfactions of Service are reflective associates 19:3.2-4(217;1), 28:3.1(307;3), 28:5.4,15-18), preside over some superuniverse courts 15:12.1(180;2), represent "I will be" of judgment 19:4.4(218;2), harmonize versions of wisdom 28:5.9(311;1), serve superuniverse governments, courts (15:10.3 5), train Celestial Recorders on Uversa 25:6.1(281;6). wrote Foreword, Papers 1-9, 17-19, 23, 24, 31), with associates, are highest source of truth on evolutionary planets 1:7.9(32;1), 19:2.6(216;4).
    11. Universal Censors. Residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.8(524;6), 8 billion in existence; 15:10.4(178;4), on major sectors, superuniverses 15:10.3-5(178;3), 18:4.4(210;7), 19:4.3(218;1), one assigned to each Havona world 19:4.2-3(217;8), associates: Discerners of Spirits are reflective associates 28:3.1(307;3), 28:5.5,19-22), Divine Counselors, Perfectors of Wisdom 19:2.2(215;11), 19:4.4(218;2), High Son Assistants serve as clerks for 22:10.1(253;3), liaison with Deity Absolute 19:4.7(218;5), Technical Advisers aid 25:4.11(280;6), having spoken, there is no appeal from decisions of 19:4.5(218;3), represent "I am" of justice 19:4.4(218;2), totaling personalities 19:4.5(218;3), Trinity origin; are judgment of Deity 15:10.4(178;4), 19:4.1(217;7), Ancients of Days never sit in judgment without 19:4.1(217;7), as Most High Assistants 37:4.2(409;7), gain epitome of subject's life from Adjuster; confirm opinion of Adjuster and seraphim 112:4.2,5(1231;2), organic part of all dispensational adjudications 19:4.3(218;1), present evidence in superuniverse courts 15:12.1(180;2), retain records of human life as it was lived 112:6.4(1236;2), rule as to motivation of person offering advice 28:5.9(311;1), took from rebel guardian angels all soul trusts 113:6.10(1248;1), with associates, are highest source of truth on evolutionary planets 19:2.6(216;4),
    12. Inspired Trinity Spirits. Almost everywhere 19:5.7(220;2) as Most High Assistants 37:4.2(409;7) as superconscious teachers 19:5.9(220;4), can detect presence of Adjusters 107:4.4(1180;7), function in outer space 29:5.5(329;5), can travel from headquarters of one superuniverse to another 23:2.8(259;1), not part of revealed superuniverse organization 19:5.3(219;4), relationship with Architects of Master Universe and Transcendentalers 31:9.13(352;6), serve Unions of Days in light and life 55:10.3(634;3), Trinity-origin beings may employ 19:5.3(219;4), well-nigh independent of time and space 19:5.2(219;3), may in future take place of Solitary Messengers 19:5.4(219;5), one of few wholly secret orders 19:5.1(219;2), only Solitary Messengers aware of presence 19:5.5-10(219;6), 23:1.9(257;4), 108:3.9(1189;5), presence at inditing of Urantia Papers 19:5.7(220;2), solitary Spirits, like Solitary Messengers 19:5.4-5(219;5), superpersonal expression of Paradise Trinity 19:5.2(219;3), 108:3.9(1189;5), Trinity-origin beings can sometimes recognize and employ 19:5.3,10(219;4), without discoverable form 42:12.3(483;3).
    13. Havona Natives3:5.16(52;2), 14:4.6(157;5), 19:6.2-3(221;4), eternal beings; never were created 14:4.3(157;2), 105:7.2(1159;7), pattern beings for all creation 14:4.8(157;7), 14:6.25(162;3), Trinity-origin personalities projected in perfection; nonreproducing 14:4.3(157;2), 19:6.3(221;5), no more coming into existence 19:0.2(214;2), 19:6.4(221;6), acquire comprehension of the Supreme 117:6.14(1289;7), gain experience through contact with ascenders 19:6.2(221;4), may fuse with Father fragments 19:6.3(221;5), progression to higher status 14:4.7(157;6), 19:6.3(221;5), Seven Spirits of Havona Circuits are as Adjusters to 17:5.5(203;3), significance of lives 14:4.5-6(157;4), strangers to saving faith 3:5.16-17(52;2), 19:6.2(221;4), supreme goal is to enter finaliter corps 19:6.3(221;5), 31:1sec(346;2), trinitization by 22:7.9-13(250;3), 30:2.9(336;1), unrevealed future destiny 19:6.3-4(221;5).
    14. Paradise Citizens. 19:7sec(222;2), Acquire capacity for Supremacy 117:6.12(1289;5), ascenders fraternize with 3000 orders of 19:7.1(222;2), 27:2.3(300;3), cannot understand spiritual emotions of ascenders 27:7.6(304;4), descending P.C. achieve new comprehension of Creator Sons on 4th Havona Circuit 26:8.1(293;5), destiny of some is Paradise Corps of Trinitized Finaliters 26:11.2(296;5), finaliters accompany P.C. when in Havona 26:4.1(289;4), first landed on Havona in times of Grandfanda 26:5.1(291;1), gracious and brilliant 25:8.3(283;4), may serve as Evangels of Light attached to mortal finaliter companies 31:7.2(349;7), no more being created 19:0.2(214;2), non-time beings, but aware of sequence 11:2.8(120;3), often assist Paradise Companions 25:8.3(283;4), pass through Havona outward from first circuit 26:3.1(288;1), some were executive assistants to Eternals of Days before Grandfanda 26:11.2(296;5), trinitization by 22:7.9-14(250;3), 30:2.9(336;1).
  1. 30:2.6 THE SONS OF GOD

A.     Descending Sons

      1. Creator Sons—Michaels. Paper 21 (234;1),) 700,000, active 300,000 in reserve, personalizations by Father and Son of new absolute thought 7:6.3(88;1), Creator Sons—Michaels. Paper 21 (234;1),)  See also Jesus; Master Michaels; Michael of Nebadon; Michael (the original); Paradise Sons of God, almost infinite variety characterizes plans of 21:2.10(236;8), 32:3.3(360;5), almost unlimited healing powers 149:1.6(1669;5), also known as: Co-ordinate Creator Sons 14:6.24(162;2), Creator Father-Son 34:4.5(378;2), Michael Sons 14:6.27(162;5), 34:3.5(377;1), Paradise Michaels 14:6.24(162;2), primary Paradise Sons 14:6.28(162;6), 21:0.3(234;3), 21:2.1(235;4), 21:3.24(239;6), Universe Sons 21:2.9(236;7), 34:0.3(374;3), 34:3.4(376;7), 34:5.7(380;1), among Supreme Creators 56:5.3(640;7), 116:2.4-5(1270;1), Architects of Master Universe approve space sites for 31:9.14(352;7), can and do suffer 3:6.6(53;4), close relationship to Architects of Master Universe 31:9.14(352;7), domains very diverse 21:2.10(236;8), 32:3.3(360;5),. See also local universes, draw all men to themselves 1:4.2(26;4), each aspires to duplicate Havona in his own local universe 14:0.2(152;2), 14:6.24-28(162;2), 54:2.1(614;6), embody phases of infinity of Father and Eternal Son 21:6.1(241;5), fragmented entities of C.S. fuse with mortals 30:1.19(333;5),. See also Son-fused mortals, fusion spirit of C.S. implemented in Reflective Spirits 40:10.2(452;2), fusion with. See Son-fused mortals, have power to lay down life and take it up again 193:0.5(2053;1), he who has seen a C.S. has seen Father 1:5.5-6(28;2), 6:2.2(74;7), 20:5.1(227;4), 20:6.5(229;4), 32:3.6(361;1), 107:0.4(1176;4), 157:6.13(1750;7), 180:3.9(1947;8), 182:1.9(1965;3), intimate personal communion with mortal creatures 1:4.2(26;4), never sit in judgment on their creatures 33:7.1(372;5), 134:8.7(1493;6), never stop until they have found man 26:11.5(297;2). no way to limit time element of creator prerogatives 145:3.11(1633;2), are: 1st level and final focalizations of God the Sevenfold 33:1.3(366;4), 55:3.12(626;1), 56:5.3(640;7), 116:2.4(1270;1), Creator and creature forever blended 20:1.8(224;5), 21:0.4(234;4), devoted to plan of progressive mortal ascension 2:3.6(37;4), divinely perfect portraitures of Eternal Son 7:5.11(87;5), 8:4.1(94;3), each unique in nature and personality; an "only-begotten Son" 21:0.1(234;1), 21:1.1-2(234;6), 21:2.10(236;8), endowed with spirit gravity in own realms 7:1.5(82;4), 20:1.6(224;3), God to mortals 3:0.1(44;1), 5:3.6(66;2), 21:2.2(235;5), 21:5.5(241;2), in direct and constant communication with Eternal Son 7:6.7(88;5), 21:5.7(241;4), 34:3.5(377;1), local universe personification of Father and Son 5:3.6(66;2), 20:10.4(233;1), 50:1.1(572;3), most powerful divine beings capable of direct administration of evolutionary universes 33:1.2(366;3), one with Father 1:5.5-6(28;2), origin and nature 21:1sec(234;6), Paradise Sons of God; order of Michael 20:1sec(223;3), 21:0.3-5(234;3), pattern for all local universe personality 1:5.6(28;3), 34:0.3(374;3), personalizations by Father and Son of new absolute thought 7:6.3(88;1), 20:1.4(224;1), 20:10.3(232;6), 21:0.1(234;1), 21:1.1-2(234;6), personally conscious of acts and emotions of descending Sons in own domains 20:1.6(224;3), revealers of Father's love and beneficent authority 21:3.24(239;6), revelation of otherwise invisible Father 3:0.2(44;2), transformative creators 118:4.7(1298;7), way, truth, and life 7:5.1(86;2), 21:6.4(242;3), creature bestowals 7:4.5(85;6), 23:4sec(262;2),. See also Michael of Nebadon: bestowals; Paradise Sons of God: bestowals, Adjusters sent universally after mortal bestowal 52:5.6(596;4), 146:3.6(1642;2), are miracles, mysteries 119:3.6(1313;1), 119:7.5(1317;1), 120:4.5(1331;5), 124:6.17(1376;3), bestowal worlds subject to rulings of C.S. 20:4.5(227;3), 21:5.6-7(241;3), bestowals to 7 creature types 21:4sec(239;7), compensate for mortal inability to comprehend Eternal Son 6:8.6-7(80;3), become Master Sons after bestowals 21:3.15(238;9), 21:4.4-6(239;10), 120:0.4(1324;1), 186:5.5(2002;6),  gain practical mercy, judgment, and patience by living experience in bestowals 119:0.6(1308;6), may not beget offspring on bestowals 20:6.2(229;1),  except for C.S. bestowals, mortals could hardly hope to attain Eternal Son 6:8.4(80;1), inherent attribute of Paradise Sons 119:0.2(1308;2), 189:0.2(2020;2), last step in training 20:5.2(227;5), 119:0.4-5(1308;4), 119:8.2(1318;1), mortal bestowal among racial group with most Adamic blood 21:4.3(239;9), on mortal bestowals, C.S. are Word made flesh 20:5.1(227;4), once in each local universe, C.S. bestow themselves on some evolutionary world 20:5.4(228;1), 52:5.2(595;7),  presence on mortal world terminates dispensation 20:3.4(226;4), qualify C.S. to portray Supreme 33:2.4(367;6), requirements 158:1.4(1752;6), secret of Sonarington 7:5.4(86;5), value of bestowals. See Jesus: life of: value; Paradise Sons of God: bestowals: purpose of bestowals.
      2. Magisterial Sons Avonal Sons, Paradise Sons of God 20:1.1(223;3), 20:2sec(224;6), 20:3.1(226;1), 52:4.2(594;5), About 1 billion 1062 in Nebedon, 20:2.2(225;1), 35:0.1(384;1),  judges of survival in creations of time and space 7:6.5(88;3), 20:2.1(224;6), 20:3.2(226;2), personalizations of Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit 20:2-4secs,  dispensational adjudicators 20:2.5(225;4), 20:3.1(226;1), 55:10.5(634;5), he who has seen a M.S. has seen Eternal Son 20:6.5(229;4), none have visited Urantia on magisterial missions 20:4.4-5(227;2), referred to as "lesser Christs" 35:0.1(384;1), residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.5(524;3), self-governing order based on Paradise 10:2.2(109;6), Spirit of Truth is spirit of Creator Son and spirit of bestowal Son 20:6.8-9(230;1), bestowal missions:. See also Paradise Sons of God: bestowals: accompanied on bestowals by 2 Brilliant Evening Stars 20:2.9(225;8), 37:2.8(407;8), 12 Melchizedeks 20:2.9(225;8), 35:2.6(386;4), 100 archangels 20:2.9(225;8), 37:3.5-6(409;2),  supreme seraphim 39:1.3-5(427;3), 7 creature bestowals is usually the limit 20:2.8(225;7), appear as male adults 20:2.6(225;5), 20:4.1-2(226;5), 52:4.3(594;6), are born of woman 20:2.3,7(225;2), 21:4.2(239;8), each planet has only 1 bestowal Son 20:2.6-7(225;5), 20:5.4(228;1), Evening Stars bid M.S. be about brother's business 37:2.8(407;8), every planet in local universe will have, except the one on which the Creator Son incarnates 20:5.4(228;1), in unbroken connection with spiritual forces when incarnated 20:4.1(226;5), incarnate with experienced Adjusters 20:4.3(227;1), initial planetary mission involves physical incarnation, subsequent ones may not 20:2.6(225;5), 20:3.3(226;3), 20:4.1(226;5), 51:7.1(587;5), 52:4.3(594;6), may remain an age on first mission if universally accepted 51:7.1-2(587;5), non-bestowal planetary missions: arrive when intellectual and ethical progress has reached limits of evolutionary development 49:5.18(567;5), judicial actions 20:3sec(226;1), accompany Trinity Teacher Sons to terminate dispensations 20:9.2(231;6), 55:0.2(621;2), may close dispensations on same world hundreds of times 20:2.5(225;4), 20:3.1(226;1), 20:4.2(226;6), 55:10.5(634;5),  no incarnation if visit is solely to terminate dispensation 20:3.3(226;3), the same or other Avonals may visit a planet 20:4.2(226;6), world-wide peace indicates ripeness for 52:3.11-12(594;2), service of Magisterial Sons: accompany Teacher Sons on planetary missions 52:7.8(599;4), counselors in local system light and life 55:10.5(634;5), each M.S. 's work is unique since no two are alike 20:2.3(225;2), just as effective and powerful on bestowals as Creator Son 20:2.9(225;8), 20:5.6(228;3), 35:0.1(384;1), not creators in personal sense 20:2.1(224;6),  personally present on bestowal planet for inauguration of morontia temple 55:1.1(622;1), 55:7.1(631;7), planetary progress depends on missions of 49:4.7(564;9), 49:5.9(566;4), 50:6.4(578;4), serve under Creator Sons in local universes 20:1.5(224;2), 20:2.2(225;1).
      3. Trinity Teacher Sons—Daynals. 21 billion in service; Paradise reserves; numbers increasing 19:1.2(214;4), 20:7.2(230;4),15,000 to 20,000 in Nebedon, 35:0.1(384;1) created by Trinity,  7:6.6(88;4), 19:1.3(214;5), 20:1.4(224;1), 20:7.1(230;3), 20:10.3(232;6), creature-trinitized sons are apprentices of 20:8.2(231;2), 22:1.5(244;3), 22:8.2-4(251;6), 22:9.1(252;3), 55:4.14(628;5), do not incarnate; contact worlds through Brilliant Evening Stars 20:9.3(232;1), 37:2.2,9(407;2), exist in several orders 52:7.2(598;5), Magisterial Sons accompany T.T.S. to terminate dispensations 20:9.2(231;6), 52:7.8(599;4), Michael was private secretary to a T.T.S. on seraphic bestowal 119:4.4(1314;1), no personal spiritual drawing power 20:7.5(230;7), no preliminary training 20:7.5(230;7), Paradise Sons of God; order of Daynals 20:1sec(223;3), 20:7.1(230;3), residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.6(524;4), service: administer examinations for all phases of service 20:8.3(231;3), advised Melchizedek receivers after rebellion 67:6.5(759;8), angels partake of circulating teachings of 26:1.10(286;5), arrive after planet achieves spiritual development 20:9.1(231;5), as local universe ambassadors 20:8.1(231;1), assigned to supreme council of unlimited authority in local universe light and life 55:10.6(634;6), come in groups of 71 to prepare planets for light and life; not materialized; remain at least 1000 years 20:9.1-4(231;5), 49:5.20(567;7), 52:7.2,10-16), completely identified with mortal progression 20:9.5(232;3), concerned with moral enlightenment, spiritual development 20:7.3(230;5), 20:9.2(231;6),  conscious teachers of all personalities 7:6.6(88;4), 19:5.9(220;4), counsel Planetary Sovereign and finaliters in light and life 55:4sec(626;5), inaugurate light and life, morontia temple on terminal mission 20:9.4(232;2), 55:0.2(621;2), 55:1.1(622;1), 55:7.1(631;7), 57:7.14,16(335;3), make real spiritual counterparts to temporal wisdom 20:9.2(231;6),  on spheres circling Salvington 37:2.10-11(408;2), one rules a Havona sphere when its Eternal of Days is absent 18:2.2(208;7), personal representatives of Father in local systems 46:5.6(524;4), release midwayers from planets in light and life 55:4.5(627;3), return many times to a world 20:9.4(232;2), sponsor Nebadon educational system 35:4.1(388;10), 37:6.1(412;1), 45:7.2(517;4), successive planetary missions in light and life 55:0.1(621;1), 55:4sec(626;5), 55:8.5(633;1), supreme Trinity co-ordinating personalities 19:1.4(215;1), under Creator Sons in local universes 20:1.5(224;2), work closely with finaliters 20:9.4-5(232;2), 55:4.11(628;2), visit Urantia 20:9.1(231;5).
      4. Melchizedek Sons. See also Father Melchizedek; Melchizedek, Machiventa; Melchizedek receiver, stationary number; 10 million in Nebadon 35:2.9(387;1), created by Creator Son, Mother Spirit, and Father Melchizedek 20:1.3(223;5), 35:1.1,3(384;4) Local Universe Level, all created in same millennium 35:1.3(385;2), bestowal of Michael as 119:1sec(1309;2), easily make themselves visible 35:4.4(389;3), have never betrayed their trust 35:2.2(385;5), 53:7.4(607;5), home world is sphere Melchizedek 35:3.2(387;3), Jesus held to be priest after order of 93:3.7(1017;1), mortals sometimes permitted to see 50:2.7(574;2), Nebadon's M.S. are renowned 35:3.15(388;9), no powers of reproduction 35:5.2(389;6), residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.7(524;5), teachings have never been contradicted 55:12.1(636;2), Technical Advisers aid 25:4.11(280;6), use seraphic transport 74:5.2(833;2) are: by nature unprejudiced observers 35:2.3(386;1), chief aids of Gabriel 35:2.5(386;3), dominant influence on Jerusem 46:5.7(524;5), halfway between God and man 35:2.1(385;4), known as emergency Sons 35:4.2-4(389;1), 93:0.1(1014;1), life carriers to midsonite worlds 35:1.3(385;2), 36:4sec(400;5), local universe Sons of God 20:1.2(223;4), not infallible in judgment 35:2.8(386;6) receivers of defaulting planetary governments 35:4.4(389;3), 39:4.3(434;3), self-governing 35:1.3(385;2), 35:2.2(385;5), service: 12 accompany Magisterial Sons on bestowal missions 20:2.9(225;8), 35:2.6(386;4), all judicial problems reviewed by council of 43:2.4(487;6), assist Trinity Teacher Sons in light and life 55:0.1(621;1), chief serves on Jerusem executive council 45:3.9(512;9), colleges on Edentia 43:1.6(486;5), schools in local systems 45:7sec(517;3), teach on Jerusem 45:7.2(517;4), test Jerusem citizens for suffrage qualifications 45:7.6-7(518;2), sponsor Nebadon educational system 37:6.1(412;1), 45:7sec(517;3), commission Mansion World Teachers 48:5.4(550;5), direct mansion worlds 47:0.4(530;4), 47:2.2(531;6), do not interfere with planetary administrations unless asked 50:2.2(573;3), function as mobile advisory review courts 35:2.4(386;2), function directly in mortal ministry without necessity of incarnation 35:2.1(385;4), immediately dispatched to Jerusem upon outbreak of rebellion 67:3.1(756;2), in charge of 1st, 4th Salvington circuits 35:3sec(387;2), 36:2.1(397;1), incarnate when accompanying Avonal Sons on planetary bestowals 35:2.6(386;4), incarnated as humans 7 times in Nebadon 35:4.4-5(389;3), 93:1.3(1014;5), instruct prospective Planetary Princes 50:2.2(573;3), maintain autonomous intelligence organization 35:2.3(386;1), metamorphic range of personality function, incarnation 35:4.4(389;3), 93:0.1(1014;1), mortals' foster fathers on Jerusem 46:5.7(524;5), remain with universes of origin in light and life 55:10.11(635;2), sent as advisers to Life Carriers until arrival of Planetary Prince 36:1.3(396;4), 65:4.9(735;8), supervise resurrection halls for modified ascenders on Edentia 43:1.5(486;4),
      5. Vorondadek Sons. 35:5-6secs , Most Highs known as Most Highs when commissioned as Constellation Fathers 15:2.4(166;3), 20:1.3(223;5), 35:5.1(389;5), 35:6.1(390;5), 43:3.1-2(488;3), created by Creator Son and Mother Spirit 20:1.2-3(223;4), 35:5.1(389;5),  number 1 million in Nebadon 35:5.2(389;6), 1 functions on Urantia as Most High observer 109:7.7(1201;8), 114:3.5(1253;3), 114:4sec(1253;4), 12 administer Norlatiadek 35:6.5(391;4), 43:5.2-15(490;7), 12 sit en banc as high court of review 35:5.7(390;4), have been cited for error but never rebellion 35:5.4(390;1), 43:3.1(488;3), historians of local universes 35:5.7(390;4), in charge of 2nd Salvington circuit 35:7sec(391;5), in emergencies, exercise absolute authority over planet's celestial beings 35:5.6(390;3), individual Vorondadek Sons in Norlatiadek 43:5sec(490;6), known as Most Highs when commissioned as Constellation Fathers 15:2.4(166;3), 20:1.3(223;5), 35:5.1(389;5), 35:6.1(390;5), 43:3.1-2(488;3), Most High observers for quarantined planets 35:5.6(390;3), 43:5.8(491;4), no powers of reproduction 35:5.2(389;6), Personalized Adjusters confer with 109:7.6(1201;7), reliable, efficient rulers 35:5.3(389;7), residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.8(524;6), serve as ambassadors and consuls 35:5.5(390;2), work pertains to legislative functions 35:5.7(390;4), wrote Paper 36 (396;1),) 36:3.8(400;3).
      6. Lanonandek Sons. System Level 35:8-9secs Planetary Princes; System Sovereigns. 35:8.7(392;7), created by Creator Son and Mother Spirit 20:1.2-3(223;4), assist Planetary Princes 50:2.3(573;4), best known as System Sovereigns, Planetary Princes 35:8.1(392;1), do not progress from one type to another 35:8.7(392;7), in charge of 3rd Salvington circuit 35:10sec(394;3), most versatile local universe administrators 35:8.9(392;9), Nebadon's L.S. have large degree of personal liberty 35:9.8(393;8), reserves on constellation headquarters 35:9.3-4(393;3), residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.9(524;7), trained by Melchizedeks 35:8.2(392;2), rebellion amongst: danger of going astray 35:8.9(392;9), 35:10.5(395;1), over 700 have rebelled 35:9.5-10(393;5), 35:10.5(395;1), rebelled 3 times in Nebadon 45:2.1(511;1), rehabilitation of defaulted L.S. 35:9.10(394;2), 35:10.4(394;6), stationary number of 12 million in Nebadon 35:8.3,7(392;3),    types: primary. See also Hanavard; Lanaforge; Lucifer; Lutentia; Satan, bestowal of Michael as a primary L.S.(SECOND BESTOWEL) 119:2sec(1310;4), System Sovereigns; number 709,841 35:8.4(392;4), secondary. See also Caligastia; Daligastia; Fortant, number 10,234,601 35:8.5(392;5), Planetary Princes are 35:8.5(392;5), 50:0.1(572;1), wrote Papers 50, 51) 50:7.4(579;3), 51:7.6(588;5),   tertiary. See also Holdant; Mansurotia; Sadib; Vilton, number 1,055,558 35:8.6(392;6), subordinate assistants 35:8.3(392;3), P392:8, 35:8.8 In round numbers the Lanonandek order of Sons is classified on Salvington as follows:
Universe Co-ordinators and Constellation Counselors . 100,000
System Sovereigns and Assistants. . . . . . . . . . .600,000
Planetary Princes and Reserves. . . . . . . . . . .10,000,000
Messenger Corps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 400,000
Custodians and Recorders. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100,000
Reserve Corps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 800,000
      1. Life Carrier Sons. Paper 36, 34:2.5, offspring of three pre-existent personalities: the Creator Son, the Universe Mother Spirit, and, by designation, one of the three Ancients of Days, Local System Level,  local universe Sons of God 20:1.2(223;4), 20:1.3(223;5), 36:1.1(396;2), number 100 million in Nebadon 36:1.2(396;3), 3 divisions 36:1.3(396;4), archangel commission modifies L.C. for service 65:1.3-5(731;1), ascending mortals sometimes attached to 65:3.7(734;4), assisted by adjutant mind-spirits and Master Physical Controllers 62:7.6(710;5), before leaving planet, L.C. install Planetary Prince 49:5.15(567;2), Caligastia had been adviser to L.C. on Jerusem 66:1.2(741;4), chief serves on Jerusem executive council 45:3.9(512;9), directed by Gabriel, Father Melchizedek, and Nambia 36:1.2(396;3), do not interfere with will 36:3.8(400;3), 62:5.9(708;7), 62:7.4(710;3), fabricate new bodies for spornagia 46:7.4,6(528;2), function in resurrection of dead 47:3.2(532;8), function on electrochemical, morontial, semispirit levels 65:1.2(730;6), further efforts to purify mortal race in light and life 55:4.8(627;6), humanize midwayers in light and life 55:4.6(627;4), impart full bestowal of living energies to red race 51:4.2(584;4), in charge of 4th Salvington circuit 36:2sec(397;1), institute new patterns on decimal planets. See decimal planets, manipulate life environment before emergence of will 36:3.7-8(400;2), 65:0.3(730;3), 65:1.5(731;3), 65:2.13-15(733;3), Master Spirits involved with L.C. in life initiation 16:4.9(190;3), Melchizedeks always accompany 36:1.3(396;4),  Melchizedeks serving as L.C. 36:4sec(400;5), metamorphic range of personality function 93:0.1(1014;1), mid-phase Sons 65:1.1(730;5), not permitted mechanically to manipulate evolution 65:3.1-2(733;7), participate in human evolution in light and life 36:1.4(396;5), possible 4th stage of existence in light and life 65:1.5-6(731;3), request dispatch of Planetary Princes 50:0.2(572;2), residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.10(524;8), restore Adams to normal existence upon arrival 51:2.2,4(582;2), some influenced by Lucifer rebellion 53:7.4(607;5), Technical Advisers aid 25:4.11(280;6), plan and initiate life 42:1.5(468;2): after life patterns formulated, L.C. are shorn of ability to create new patterns 65:1.4(731;2), cannot time life processes to unfold any faster than physical metamorphoses permit 65:8.2(739;6), carriers, disseminators, and guardians of life on planets 36:0.1(396;1), 36:3.1(399;3), catalyze lifeless material with vital spirit spark 36:3.3-5(399;5), 49:1.2(560;1), 49:5.15(567;2), conditions must be ripe 58:1.2-3(664;3), constantly improve formulas of life 36:2.6(397;6), enjoy great latitude in planning life 49:1.3-4(560;2), 49:5.10(566;5), establish life in 500,000 years planetary time 36:3.6(400;1), fabricate physical energies and particles into units of living existence 34:2.5(376;2), 36:6.3(404;1), 65:1.1(730;5), formulas and experiments 65:4.4(735;3), often carry actual life plasm to new world 36:3.2(399;4), role in establishing life in Satania Paper 49 (559;1),  staff of 1200 take life to planets 36:3.2(399;4), work on Urantia: 14 now stationed on Urantia 36:3.9(400;4), 14 remained on Urantia after appearance of will 62:7.6(710;5), achieved 28 modifications of standard life patterns 65:4.1(734;5), advised Melchizedek receivers after rebellion 67:6.5(759;8), arrived 600 million years ago 58:1.1(664;2), disappointed over reversion of parasitic bacteria 65:5.2(736;5), eliminated inferior prehuman groups 65:2.13-14(733;3), initial messages over Urantia planetary circuit 62:7.3-6(710;2), involved in materialization of Melchizedek 93:1.3(1014;5), led Van's council of 40 67:6.2(759;5), life implanted on 3 sites 550 million years ago 36:3.2(399;4), 58:4sec(667;5), 62:0.1(703;1), 65:2.1(731;5), participated in healing at sundown 145:3.8(1632;7), petitioned Most Highs to dispatch biologic uplifters 73:0.1(821;1), planned new type of mortal by union of Prince's corporeal staff with children of Adam; miscarried 77:2.2(856;5),

B.     30:2.8 Ascending Sons

    1. Father-fused Mortals   40:7 FATHER-FUSED MORTALS Fusion as ascending sons of God 40:5-7secs), able to recognize beings from previous levels 44:0.11-12(498;6), as finaliters 31:3sec(347;4), become less subject to material gravity 7:3.2(84;2), become citizens of Paradise 30:2.19(337;3), evolve to status of true spirits on Salvington 43:9.2(495;4), extended vision range made possible by Adjusters 44:0.11-12(498;6), forever stamped with character of superuniverse Master Spirit 16:5sec(190;11), 25:2.4(275;4), 26:2.5(287;4), fraternize with 3000 orders of Paradise Citizens 27:2.3(300;3), keep memories of all previous existences 47:4.4-5(534;8), 48:4.20(550;1), Master Spirit #7 is director of 16:3.14,18-19), may someday attain God as absolute 107:1.6(1177;7), new fused being is of eternal past, eternal future 110:7.4(1212;5), no limit to spiritual ascent 32:3.8-10(361;3), 107:4.7(1181;3), not deprived of Spirit of Truth beyond local universe 117:5.9(1286;7), study Supremacy in Havona 16:3.18(188;6), 117:6.13(1289;6), threefold spirit endowment when fused 56:3.5(639;5), threefold spirit endowment when fused 56:3.5(639;5), trained to limits of capacity 31:3.7-8(348;4), may become: celestial artisans 44:0.4(497;4), Celestial Overseers 37:6.7(413;1), evangels of destiny 35:3.14(388;8), finaliters Paper 31 (345;1),), Mighty Messengers 15:10.5(178;5), 22:2sec(245;1), Technical Advisers (temporary members) 25:4.2,4-5), Those High in Authority 15:10.5(178;5), 22:3sec(246;2), Those without Name or Number 15:10.5(178;5), 22:4sec(246;6), swing around superuniverses many times 5:1.9(63;7).  stages of existence: 30:4sec(340;3), 31:3.4(348;1), 1. planetary mortals. See mortals, 2. sleeping survivors, 3. mansion world students, 4. morontia progressors, 5. superuniverse wards, 6. Havona pilgrims, 7. Paradise arrivals, 8. finaliters, mortals denominated ascending sons after fusion 30:3.13(340;2), 30:4.1(340;3), 40:6.1(447;5), 40:7.2(448;9).
    2. Son-fused Mortals.  40:8 SON-FUSED MORTALS See also fusion; mortals , Adjusters serve during life in flesh up to local universe capital; build up souls 40:8.2(449;5), 40:9.2(450;4), Ancients of Days approve Son-fusion 40:8.3(449;6), as ascending sons 40:8sec(449;4), assist Celestial Guardians 22:9.3(252;5), fusion implemented in Reflective Spirits 40:10.2(452;2),  fusion is union with individualized bestowals of Creator Son 30:1.19(333;5), 107:1.7(1178;1), may become Trinitized Ambassadors, Trinitized Sons of Attainment, or Trinitized Sons of Selection 22:1.4(244;2), 22:6.1(248;6), 40:10.12(454;1), provide each superuniverse with permanent ascendant citizenship 40:10.4,7(452;4), range Orvonton; sometimes journey to Paradise; number less than one million 40:8.5(450;2), 40:10.1-2(452;1), some ascend to Paradise 40:10.10(453;5), supervise abandonters 37:9.8(415;4), synchronizing difficulty inhibited Adjuster fusion 40:8.3(449;6), Urantia mortals will not become 30:4.2(340;4), why some are Son-fused 40:10sec(452;1).
    3. Spirit-fused Mortals.  40:9 SPIRIT-FUSED MORTALS 40:10.1 Spirit-fused mortals are, generally speaking, confined to a local universe; Son-fused survivors are restricted to a superuniverse; Adjuster-fused mortals are destined to penetrate the universe of universes. The spirits of mortal fusion always ascend to the level of origin; such spirit entities unfailingly return to the sphere of primal source. Spirit fusion: achieved on series 1 and series 2 planets 109:3.2-3(1197;4), Andon's immediate descendants achieved 63:7.2(717;3), fusion takes place upon morontia awakening 40:9.1(450;3), fusion with fragment of local universe Mother Spirit 37:5.2(410;5), fusion with premind of spirit of Infinite Spirit 30:1.18(333;4), 40:9.1,3(450;3), 107:1.7(1178;1), loaned Adjusters prepare subjects; build up their souls 37:5.1-4(410;4), 40:5.7,11(446;1), 40:9.2(450;4), never occurs during mortal life 40:9.1(450;3), nonbreathers are candidates for Spirit fusion 49:3.5(564;1), primitive races undergo 52:1.6(590;2), Urantia mortals will not become 30:4.2(340;4), associated with Celestial Guardians on Uversa 22:9.4(252;6), 40:10.9(453;4), depend on seraphic associates, records, for immediate reconstruction of human memory 40:9.4-9(450;6), 112:6.8(1236;6), worlds of Spirit-fused mortals evolve identically with Adjuster-fusion series 55:0.4(621;4), go through mansion worlds 37:5.2(410;5), 47:4.2(534;6), guardian angels serving 48:6.13(553;5), in charge of 8th Salvington circuit 37:5.10(411;8), in personality registers 30:1.9,18(331;5), 30:2.8,19(335;6), included in Father's personality circuit 40:9.1(450;3), may revisit nativity worlds in subsequent planetary dispensations 40:9.9(451;5), not numerous in Nebadon 37:5.2(410;5), resurrection procedure 49:6.6(569;1), spirit fragmentations do not indwell mortals during life in flesh 30:1.18(333;4), Destiny: achieve unsurpassed wisdom regarding their local universe 37:5.11(411;9), 40:10.6(453;1), do not ordinarily attain Paradise or become finaliters 37:5.2,3,6(410;5), local universe Corps of Perfection 37:5.3-4(411;1), majority become permanent citizens of local universes 37:5.2(410;5), 40:9.9(451;5), 40:10.1-2,10), may become: High Commissioners 37:5.1(410;4), Trinitized Ambassadors 22:6.1(248;6), Trinitized Sons of Attainment 40:10.12(454;1), Trinitized Sons of Selection 22:1.4(244;2), 40:10.12(454;1), Universe Aids 37:5.4(411;2), some are transformed and ascend to superuniverse or even Paradise 37:5.11(411;9), 40:10.9-10(453;4).
    4. Evolutionary Seraphim.  40:1.1 Mortal creatures of animal origin are not the only beings privileged to enjoy sonship; the angelic hosts also share the supernal opportunity to attain Paradise. Guardian seraphim, through experience and service with the ascending mortals of time, also achieve the status of ascendant sonship. Such angels attain Paradise through Seraphington, and many are even mustered into the Corps of Mortal Finality.
    5. Ascending Material Sons.  40:2.2 Adam and Eve are wholly successful in their joint planetary mission as biologic uplifters, they share the destiny of the inhabitants of their world. When such a world is settled in the advanced stages of light and life, this faithful Material Son and Daughter are permitted to resign all planetary administrative duties, and after being thus liberated from the descending adventure, they are permitted to register themselves as perfected Material Sons on the records of the local universe. Likewise, when planetary assignment is long delayed, may the Material Sons of stationary status—the citizens of the local systems—withdraw from the activities of their status spheres and similarly register as perfected Material Sons. After these formalities such liberated Adams and Eves are accredited as ascending Sons of God and may immediately begin the long journey to Havona and Paradise, starting at the exact point of their then present status and spiritual attainment. And they make this journey in company with the mortal and other ascending Sons, continuing until they have found God and have achieved the Corps of Mortal Finality in the eternal service of the Paradise Deities. 161,432,840 in Nebadon; constantly increasing 45:5.4(515;3), do not possess Adjusters 51:1.6(581;3), 52:3.2(593;1), 76:5.2(852;1), Eves differ from Adams only in reproductive nature; M.S. serve in pairs 51:1.3(580;6), 74:0.1(828;1), defaulting Material Sons become mortal upon failure or default 51:1.4(581;1), 681,227 (or 681,217) lost in rebellion in Satania, 95% in Lucifer rebellion 51:1.5(581;2), 53:7.8(608;4), hundreds involved in Lucifer rebellion have been rehabilitated 53:9.1(610;6), physical characteristics: can see, understand, and procreate with mortals 45:5.3(515;2), 51:1.7(581;4), can see Planetary Princes and staff 51:6.5(587;3), enjoy dual nutrition; do not eat meat 51:1.4(581;1), 52:3.8(593;7), height 8 10 feet; bodies glow with violet light 51:1.3(580;6), since Michael's bestowal as a M.S., none have knowingly joined in rebellion 119:3.8(1313;3), destiny of Material Sons: finaliter- M.S. pairs far more successful in trinitizing 31:5.3(349;3), invariably leaders when attached to finaliter companies; pair functions as one personality 31:5sec(349;1), may petition to become ascenders 31:5.1(349;1), 40:2.2(444;2), receive Thought Adjusters after planet of service is in light and life 55:4.22-28(629;3), release from planetary duties in light and life; ascend to Paradise, Corps of Mortal Finaliters 40:2.2(444;2), 51:3.9(584;2), 55:4.12-26(628;3), remain on planet of assignment throughout its evolutionary course 51:0.2(580;2), some who defaulted enter Corps of Mortal Finaliters 31:5.2(349;2), 40:2.2(444;2).
    6. Translated Midwayers. 30:1.9(331;5), 30:2.8(335;6)Trinity Teacher Sons release m. for ascension career in light and life 38:9.13(425;5), 40:3sec(444;3), 55:4.5-7(627;3), ascending midwayers: direct animal life on Jerusem 46:7.2(527;6), pass through parenthood experience in association with Material Sons 45:6.5(516;3), all who survive receive Adjusters and eventually join Corps of Mortal Finaliters 31:6.2(349;5), 40:3.1(444;3), future status: finaliters 31:6sec(349;4), 40:3.1(444;3), receive Adjusters and begin Paradise ascent in light and life 30:1.9(331;5), 55:3.13(626;2), 55:4.5,6,20(627;3), 77:9.4(866;3), Technical Advisers (temporary members) 25:4.2,4-5, Trinitized Custodians 22:5.2(248;1), Trinitized Sons of Selection 22:1.4(244;2).
    7. Personalized Adjusters. 40:4sec(444;4), 109:6-7secs) 109:7sec(1201;2),. See also Thought Adjuster of Jesus; Thought Adjusters, 3 very active on Urantia; one certifies plan for each human being 109:7.7(1201;8), 110:2.1(1204;5), assigned to worlds following bestowal of Paradise Son 108:3.4(1188;6), chiefs of their kind 20:4.3(227;1), college on Divinington 16:3.2(186;6), embrace all known relationships of personality 109:7.4(1201;5), executives for Architects of Master Universe 109:6.7(1201;1), 109:7.3(1201;4), have experientialized by participation with mortals 40:4.2(445;1), have served with incarnated Paradise Sons or achieved unusual distinction 20:4.3(227;1), 40:4.1(444;4), 107:2.8(1179;2), 109:6.3(1200;3),in personality registers 30:1.12(332;3), 30:2.8(335;6), Master Spirit #1 is adviser to chief of 16:3.2(186;6), nontime beings 136:5.4(1516;4), of Divinington certify life plans for human subjects 110:2.1(1204;5), permit some fusion-status mortals to continue duties 55:3.13(626;2), personal agents of full ministry of Universal Father 109:7.3(1201;4), personalized by Universal Father 40:4.1(444;4), personnel of training schools of Divinington 107:3.6(1180;2), seldom seen at large 109:7.6(1201;7), unassigned sovereign stabilizers and compensators of universes 109:7.2(1201;3), values of nonsurviving human subjects become possession of 109:6.2

C.     30:2.9 Trinitized Sons

      Trinitization: 22:7sec(249;1),. See also creature-trinitized sons; Trinitized Sons of God technique by which Father divests himself of unqualified spirit personality 0:7.6(11;2), 6:7.1(79;1), 10:2.1(109;5), secret of Vicegerington, Solitarington 13:1.12,18(146;1), accomplishes what otherwise is nonattainable 0:12.8(16;5), by Deities, trinitization constitutes authority to represent Trinity 13:1.12(146;1), precipitates unrealized potentials out of future time 22:4.5(247;4), by creatures: Adamic-finaliter pairs very successful at t. 31:5.3(349;3), always successful between finaliters and Paradise-Havoners (22:7.10, 14), apparently an unlimited technique 23:4.4(262;5), by 2 finaliters is paradisiacal effort to actualize original identical concept of Almighty Supreme; sometimes fails 13:1.12(146;1), 22:7.4-12(249;4), by finaliters and Paradise-Havoners repercusses in Supreme-Ultimate Mind 22:4.3(247;2), 22:7.14(251;4), by Paradise-Havoners 22:7.13(251;3), creature-trinitized sons in personality registers 30:1.5(331;1), 30:2.9(336;1), engaged in only by Deities, finaliters, Paradise Citizens and Havoners 22:7.2(249;2), parents thereafter spiritually inseparable; participate only once 22:7.3,7-9), special corps exists for mixed finaliter and Paradise-Havoner parents 22:7.9(250;3), supreme creative performance of spiritual beings 22:7.1-2(249;1), unbelievably long time sometimes consumed 22:7.6(249;6),

      1.Mighty Messengers. 22:2sec , Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority, and Those without Name and Number, are glorified ascendant mortals. The first of these orders came up through the ascendant regime and passed through Havona in the days of Grandfanda. Having attained Paradise, they were mustered into the Corps of the Finality, embraced by the Paradise Trinity, and subsequently assigned to the supernal service of the Ancients of Days. As a class, these three orders are known as Trinitized Sons of Attainment, being of dual origin but now of Trinity service. Thus was the executive branch of the superuniverse government enlarged to include the glorified and perfected children of the evolutionary worlds. Adjuster Fused Mortal finaliters one day achieve 40:10.12, number 7 trillion 22:2.5(245;5), fully conscious of ascendant careers 22:2.9(246;1), rebellion-tested perfected mortals who were trinitized after becoming finaliters 15:10.5(178;5), 22:2.1-2(245;1), High Son Assistants serve as clerks for 22:10.1(253;3), maintain constant connection through reflectivity 22:2.7(245;7), mortal ascenders who stood loyal in face of disloyalty of their superiors 15:10.5(178;5), 22:2.1(245;1), 44:0.11(498;6), 54:6.5(619;2), nonparticipating in growth of present universe age 117:2.4(1280;4), selection is inherent and automatic 22:4.4(247;3), survivors can communicate freely with 22:2.9(246;1), tertiary seconaphim are assigned to 28:3.1(307;3), 28:6.1(313;5), Trinitized Sons of Attainment 15:10.5(178;5), 22:2sec(245;1), 28:6.1(313;5), service: assist Perfections of Days 18:4.4(210;7), 22:2.8(245;8), certify correctness of Celestial Recorders' records 25:6.3(282;1), defend individuals and planets in superuniverse courts 15:12.1(180;2), 22:2.8(245;8), official superuniverse observers to local universes and systems 15:10.3-5(178;3), 15:12.1(180;2), 22:2.8(245;8), with associates, form highest mobile advisory body 19:2.4(216;2), 19:3.6-7(178;3), wrote: Papers 22, 28, 30, 32, 34, 40, 42, 52, 54-56, 115-118) 22:10.10(255;1), 28:7.5(318;3), 30:4.28(344;3), 32:5.9(365;5), 34:7.9(383;3), 40:10.15(454;4), 42:12.9(484;4), 52:7.17(600;6), 54:6.11(620;3), 55:12.6(636;7), 56:10.22(648;5), 115:7.9(1267;3), 116:7.7(1277;1), 117:7.15(1293;2), 118:10.22(1307;3),

      2.Those High in Authority. 22:3sec(246;2),See also Trinitized Sons of Attainment, Adjuster-fused mortals with superior administrative ability 22:3.1(246;2), number 70 billion 22:3.2(246;3), executives of Ancients of Days 15:10.3-5(178;3), 22:3.3(246;4), finaliters embraced by Trinity 15:10.5(178;5), High Son Assistants serve as clerks for 22:10.1(253;3), members of highest mobile advisory body 19:2.4(216;2), 19:3.6-7(178;3), prosecutors in superuniverse courts 15:12.1(180;2), 22:3.4(246;5), selection is inherent and automatic 22:4.4(247;3), service on major sectors 18:4.4(210;7), Solemnities of Trust accompany 28:6.15(316;2), tertiary seconaphim are assigned to 28:3.1(307;3), 28:6.1(313;5), Trinitized Sons of Attainment 15:10.5(178;5), 15:12.1(180;2), 22:3.1(246;2), 28:6.1(313;5), one wrote Paper 25 25:8.12(284;5).

      3.Those without Name and Number,. 22:4sec(246;6), See also Trinitized Sons of Attainment, Mortalfinaliters embraced by Trinity 15:10.5(178;5), superior spiritual minds of survival races 22:4.3(247;2), number 700 million 22:4.2(247;1), serve superuniverse government 15:10.3-5(178;3), service on major sectors 18:4.4(210;7), supreme jurors in superuniverse courts 15:12.1(180;2), 22:4.3(247;2), have transcendent concept of Father's eternal purpose 22:4.1(246;6), High Son Assistants serve as clerks for 22:10.1(253;3), members of highest mobile advisory body 19:2.4(216;2), 19:3.6-7(178;3), selection is inherent and automatic 22:4.4(247;3), Trinitized Sons of Attainment 15:10.5(178;5), 22:4.1(246;6), 28:6.1(313;5), one wrote Paper 31 31:10.15(354;8).

      4.Trinitized Custodians. 22:5sec(247;7), See also trinitization, finaliter seraphim and translated midway creatures embraced by Trinity 18:4.5(211;1), 22:5.1-2(247;7), officers of superuniverse major and minor sector governments; number 70 million 18:4.5(211;1), 22:5.5,6(248;4), assisted by several billion seconaphim 22:5.5(248;4), deal with groups, not individuals 22:5.6(248;5), recognized for valiant co-operation with subsequently trinitized mortal 22:5.3(248;2), Trinitized Sons of Selection 22:1.4(244;2)

      5.Trinitized Ambassadors. 22:6sec(248;6) ascendant Spirit-fused and Son-fused mortals embraced by Trinity; number 3.5 billion 18:4.5(211;1), 22:6.1(248;6), emissaries of Ancients of Days on minor sectors 18:4.5(211;1), 22:6.3(248;8), serve on Spirit- and Son-fusion worlds 22:6.2(248;7), Trinitized Sons of Selection 22:6.1(248;6).

      6.Celestial Guardians. number 7 billion 22:9.3(252;5), are personification of some single universal ideal 22:10.2(253;4), apprehending agents of Ancients of Days 22:9.4(252;6), affectionate, loyal, humble, and supremely wise regarding concept they personify 22:10.8(254;5), assisted by Son-fused mortals 22:9.3(252;5), assisted by Spirit-fused mortals 22:9.4(252;6), 40:10.9(453;4), carry out routine major, minor sector work 18:4.4-5(210;7), 22:9.3(252;5), court messengers, bearers of summonses and decisions 22:9.4(252;6), deal with individuals, not groups 22:5.6(248;5), in group Trinitized Sons of Perfection 22:9.7(253;1), not indwelt by Adjusters 22:9.5(252;7), of less distinguished performance than High Son Assistants 22:9.1(252;3), present Spirit-fused mortals to Ancients of Days 40:10.9(453;4), Trinity-embraced finaliter and Paradise-Havoner trinitized sons 18:4.4(210;7), 22:1.5(244;3), 22:9.1(252;3), Trinity Teacher Sons assign 22:9.1(252;3),

      7.High Son Assistants. See also Trinitized Sons of Perfection are personification of some single universal ideal 22:10.2(253;4), affectionate, loyal, humble, and supremely wise regarding concept they personify 22:10.8(254;5), carry out routine major and minor sector work 18:4.4-5(210;7), not indwelt by Adjusters 22:9.5(252;7), 8.75 million in superuniverses 22:10.7(254;4), impart inexpressible illumination to deliberations 22:10.2-7(253;4), not permanently assigned 22:10.7(254;4), of more distinguished performance than Celestial Guardians 22:9.1(252;3), 22:10.1(253;3), private secretaries to high superuniverse Sons 22:10.1(253;3), Trinity-embraced finaliter and Paradise-Havoner trinitized sons 18:4.4(210;7), 22:1.5(244;3), 22:10sec(253;3).

      8.Ascender-trinitized Sons. See creature-trinitized sons; trinitization all endowed with personality by Father 26:8.1(293;5), apprentices of Trinity Teacher Sons 20:8.2(231;2), 22:1.5(244;3), 22:8.2-4(251;6), 22:9.1(252;3), 55:4.14(628;5), come to worlds in light and life 55:4.14(628;5), 55:12.2(636;3), command is to be understanding 26:11.4(297;1), conceptual potential mobilization 13:1.12(146;1), destiny is Corps of Trinitized Finaliters 13:1.12(146;1), 22:8.6(252;2), 26:11.2(296;5), do not grow as do ascenders 117:2.3(1280;3), embody ideals and experience pertaining to future age 22:7.10(250;4), 117:2.3(1280;3), gather on 1st circuit of Havona 22:8.5(252;1), 26:11.2(296;5), 27:3.3(300;6), headquarters in Satania is 5th transition world 45:1.7(510;5), in personality register 30:1.5(331;1), 30:2.9(336;1), initial training and service under Seven Supreme Executives 17:1.7-8(199;1), 22:8.2(251;6), mixed liaison types become wards of Architects of Master Universe; go to Vicegerington in company of Solitary Messengers and never leave 22:7.10(250;4), 22:8.6(252;2), 23:4.3(262;4), 31:9.13(352;6), number 9642 in Nebadon 35:0.1(384;1), primary and secondary supernaphim are custodians 26:11.2(296;5), progeny of finaliters and Paradise-Havoners 17:1.7(199;1), 22:7.4-14(249;4), 22:8.1(251;5), 23:4.3(262;4), 30:2.9(336;1), re-embraced creature-trinitized sons; become Trinitized Sons of Perfection 22:8.4-5(251;8), re-embrace by Trinity acts only on idea personified 22:9.5(252;7), types, Celestial Guardians q.v., High Son Assistants q.v.,residence in Jerusem circles 46:5.6(524;4),residence on Paradise worlds of Spirit 13:4.1(149;7), Solitary Messengers accompany offspring of finaliters and Paradise Citizens 23:4.3(262;4), speculations concerning destiny 23:4.4(262;5), supernaphim facilitate confraternity between 26:11.3(296;6), value to superuniverse governments 22:10.2-7(253;4), 26:2.2(287;1).

      9.Paradise-Havona-trinitized Sons. See also trinitization created by Paradise Citizens and Havoners 22:7.9-13(250;3), may serve as Evangels of Light attached to mortal finaliter companies 31:7.2(349;7).

      10.Trinitized Sons of Destiny.See also trinitization beings produced by finaliters and Paradise-Havoners 22:7.14(251;4), in Uversa personality register 30:2.9,22(336;1)


      A.30:2.11 Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit Papers 23, 24

        1.Solitary Messengers. can transmit messages 100 light-years away 23:3.5(261;3), nearly defy time and space; attain velocities of 840 billion miles per second over mind circuits of Infinite Spirit 23:3.1-3,6) 34:3.2(376;5), 107:6.5(1182;7), number stationary at over 50 trillion 23:0.2(256;2), 23:3.9(262;1)

        2.Universe Circuit Supervisors. orders 24:1.2-6(265;2), concerned with circuits of relative spiritual energy outside Paradise 24:1.1(265;1)

        3.Census Directors. can give number, nature, birth, death, and whereabouts of all will creatures 24:2.2,7,8(266;8), 1 stationed on capital of each local universe 24:2.4(267;2) Salsatia is Nebadon Census Director 24:2.7(267;5), 37:8.4(413;7)

        4.Personal Aids of the Infinite Spirit. exist to execute bidding of Infinite Spirit 24:3.2, mortals will not encounter 24:3.4(268;4)

        5.Associate Inspectors. 700,000 created by Infinite Spirit, Seven Master Spirits 24:4.1(268;5) direct Assigned Sentinels in local universe light and life 55:10.3(634;3)

        6.Assigned Sentinels. 7 billion personalized by Infinite Spirit 24:5.1(268;8), omniaphim is planetary representative in light and life 55:4.13(628;4)

        7.Graduate Guides. pilot pilgrims through Havona worlds; stay with same pilgrim throughout 24:6.1,3(269;5), 26:9.5(270;7), 26:10.7(296;3)

      B.30:2.12 The Messenger Hosts of Space  Paper 25 (273;1)

        1.Havona Servitals. "midway creatures" of Havona 25:1.1(273;3), 138 billion serve on Uversa 25:1.7(274;4), help ascenders on superuniverse capitals 25:1.5,7(274;2)

        2.Universal Conciliators. 25:2-3secs types are Divine Executioners, Judge-Arbiters, Recorders, Spirit-Advocates 25:2.6-9(275;6)

        3.Technical Advisers. living law libraries; teach applied law 25:4.5,8-9) 37:8.7(414;2), number 61 trillion in Orvonton; 500 million in Nebadon 25:4.3(279;4), 37:8.7(414;2), recruited from supernaphim, seconaphim, tertiaphim, omniaphim, seraphim, mortal ascenders, and midwayers 25:4.2(279;3), 27:0.1(298;1)

        4.Custodians of Records on Paradise. serve as Chiefs of Records for Celestial Recorders 25:5.4(281;5)

        5.Celestial Recorders. Custodians of Records serve as Chiefs for 25:5.4(281;5), 25:6.1(281;6), number 75 in Nebadon; 8 million on Uversa 25:6.4(282;2), 37:8.8(414;3), selected from ascendant seraphim 25:6.1(281;6), 37:8.8(414;3)

        6.Morontia Companions. offspring of Mother Spirit 25:7.1(282;5), 47:3.11(534;3), 48:3.1(545;2), serve exclusively in local universes, from mansion worlds to Salvington 25:7.3(282;7), 48:3.2(545;3), gracious hosts; ever with surviving mortals in local universe 25:7.1(282;5), 48:3.8-9(546;1), beautiful, versatile, and companionable guides 47:3.12(534;4)

        7.Paradise Companions. 25:8sec none assigned if mortal companion or seraphic guardian present 25:8.5(283;6), same one remains with pilgrim until associates arrive or individual is mustered into Corps of Finality 25:8.7(283;8), nothing especial to accomplish; simply provide companionship 25:8.3(283;4)

      C.30:2.13 The Ministering Spirits

        1.Supernaphim. Paper 27 (298;1),) 26:2.1-2(286;6), angels of Paradise 26:1.5(285;6), 26:2.2(287;1), 27:0.1(298;1), 28:0.1(306;1)

        2.Seconaphim. 28:3-7secs). Superuniverse Level Pg 307, accompanied Michael on 3rd bestowal 119:3.3(1312;4), living mirrors to Ancients of Days 28:4.1(307;5), transport ascenders to Havona 28:4.13(310;1), 30:4.21(343;3), primary seconaphim 28:3.1(307;3), 28:4sec(307;5), secondary seconaphim 28:5sec(310;3)

        3.Tertiaphim. 28:1sec(306;4), Superuniverse Level, 1000 t. accompany each Creator Son to his local universe; retire with appearance of native angels 28:1.2-3(306;5), accompanied Michael on Lanonandek bestowal 119:2.4(1311;3), liaisons between Creator Sons and Ancients of Days 26:1.6(286;1)

        4.Omniaphim. Superuniverse Level, accompanied Michael on Melchizedek bestowal 119:1.3,5(1309;4), may become Technical Advisers; Paradise Companions 25:4.2(279;3), 25:8.1,8(283;2), not directly concerned with ascending mortals 28:0.3(306;3), 28:2.1(307;1)

        5.Seraphim. Guardian Angels, angels of local universes 26:1.7(286;2), 28:0.1(306;1), 38:0.2(418;2),Created by Local Creative Mother Spirit Pg 421, 39:8.1(440;3),  500 million pairs on Urantia in 1934 114:0.1(1250;1), achievement of Seraphington far transcends mortals attaining eternal survival 39:8.9(441;3), 40:1.2(443;6), See Corps of Seraphic Completion

        6.Cherubim and Sanobim. 38:7-8secs created by local universe Mother Spirit 26:1.7(286;2), 38:7.6(422;6), 500 million pairs on Urantia in 1934 114:0.1(1250;1), cherubim, sanobim assist on mortal worlds 38:7.2-3(422;2), 48:5.1(550;2), cherubim and Mansion World Teachers may become Seraphim 38:8.8(440;3), 48:5.10(551;5), not with guardian angels on mansion worlds 38:8.5(423;5), deliver undeveloped souls to probationary nurseries, where they have educational facilities 47:2.1-2(531;5)

        7.Midwayers. Paper 77 (855;1),) 38:9sec(424;1), 45:3.9, top speed is 372,560 miles per second 23:3.2(260;6), essential order of planetary ministry 38:9.5(424;5), 77:0.1(855;1), 77:9.11(867;2), do not sleep or reproduce 45:6.5(516;3), 77:8.3(864;4), aware of humans' thoughts 161:3.3(1787;5), 172:5sec(1883;6), 174:5.6(1903;3), 179:1.8(1937;6), assembled 50,000 facts proving evolution nonaccidental 58:2.3(665;6), use energies controlled by Master Physical Controllers 29:4.7(325;3), 49:2.17-18(563;1), permanent citizens of evolutionary worlds 37:9.7(415;3), 77:9sec(865;7),


      A.30:2.15 The Seven Supreme Power Directors 29:1sec(320;1), 116:5.1(1273;5),. See also Universe Power Directors, created by Seven Master Spirits; each in eternal subservience to one 29:0.3(319;3), 29:1.2(320;2), 116:5.3(1273;7), each administers power for 1 superuniverse; administer Havona collectively 29:1.3(320;3), existed from near eternity 29:0.3(319;3), resist gravity 29:3.6(323;4)

      B.30:2.16 Supreme Power Centers 29:2sec(320;5), 41:1sec(455;5), 116:5.1(1273;5),. See also Universe Power Directors, 1 million units of control 29:3.7(323;5), modify, manipulate, energize, and directionize physical energies of space by their presence 29:3.6(323;4), 41:1.1-5(455;5), 42:2.22-23(471;6), not subject to administrative direction by superuniverse government 29:3.2(322;5)

      1.Supreme Center Supervisors. regulate master energy circuits of grand universe; 7 in number 29:2.3(321;2) below levels of gravity energy 29:2.4(321;3)

      2.Havona Centers. 30:2.16(336;8), Supreme Power Centers; one supervises 1000 Havona worlds; 1 million created 29:2.5(321;4)

      3.Superuniverse Centers. 3rd order Supreme Power Centers; direct localized energy movements for specific purposes 29:2.6-8(321;5), administer superuniverse physical-energy circuits 15:8.2-3(175;5), begin to function when energy unmistakably responds to Paradise gravity 42:2.23(471;7), partially control 30 gravita energy systems 15:8.2(175;5), 29:2.6-7(321;5), semi-living intelligent beings; not volitional 15:8.2(175;5), send forth electronic universe power 29:2.6(321;5)

      4.Local Universe Centers. See also Supreme Power Centers; Universe Power Directors, 4th order Supreme Power Centers; downstep superuniverse power for constellations and systems 29:2.9(321;8), 41:1.2(456;1), 100 on each local universe capital 29:2.9(321;8), 32:2.2(358;4), 41:1sec(455;5), assist Creator Sons in universe organization 29:2.9(321;8), 29:3.3(323;1), 41:1.1(455;5)

      5.Constellation Centers. 10 assigned to each constellation 29:2.10(322;1), 41:1.4(456;3), 43:8.1(493;7), energize certain living creatures 29:2.10(322;1), Supreme Power Centers; project energy to systems for communication, transport, and life maintenance 29:2.10(322;1)

      6.System Centers.  1 functions in each local system 29:2.11(322;2), 41:1.5(456;4), 6th order Supreme Power Centers; dispatch power to Physical Controllers on inhabited worlds 29:2.11(322;2), 41:1.5(456;4), light, heat, and energize local system headquarters 45:0.3(509;3)

      7.Unclassified Centers. Supreme Power Centers; act as balance wheels on spheres of extraordinary energy relationships 29:2.12(322;3)

      C.30:2.17 Master Physical Controllers 29:4sec(324;3), 41:2sec(456;5), 116:5.1(1273;5), assisted Life Carriers on Urantia 62:7.6(710;5), enabled apostles to see transfiguration 158:1.8(1753;4), healing at sundown 145:3.8(1632;7), materialization of Melchizedek 93:1.3(1014;5), accelerate or retard energy currents; like catalytic agents 29:4.14(326;3), activate energy-matter 118:7.7(1301;4), adjust energies essential to interplanetary transport and communication 29:4.7(325;3), elevate mortal bodies into atmosphere for fusion 55:1.6(622;6)

      1.Associate Power Directors. assign and dispatch Master Physical Controllers 29:4.4,8(324;6) maintain inspector on each local system capital 29:4.10(325;6) number 3 billion in each superuniverse 29:4.9(325;5)

      2.Mechanical Controllers  . 10 now stationed on Urantia 29:4.12(326;1) number in trillions 29:4.11(325;7) directionize energy into specialized circuits; equalize pressures of interplanetary circuits 29:4.13(326;2) facilitate departures of seraphic transports 29:4.12(326;1), 39:5.14(438;7) manipulate 21 of 30 physical energies; partially control another six 29:4.13(326;2) most powerful controllers assigned to inhabited worlds 29:4.12(326;1) possess antigravity in excess of all other beings 29:4.12(326;1) type of Master Physical Controller 29:4.4(324;6)

      3.Energy Transformers. 1 million in Satania; 100 per inhabited world 29:4.15(326;4) change physical form of space energies 29:4.18(327;1) role in creation of Urantia Papers 44:0.9(498;4) turned water into wine 137:4.12(1530;4) enabled: apostles to see transfiguration 158:1.8(1753;4) humans to see Planetary Princes 50:2.7(574;2) humans to see resurrected Jesus 189:4.11(2027;1), 191:3.2(2041;1) humans to see seraphim 38:2.1(419;1) revelators to see spirit counterparts of human minds 44:0.9(498;4) survivors to glimpse high spirit personalities 45:1.2(509;5), 47:1.2(530;6) type of Master Physical Controller 29:4.4(324;6)

      4.Energy Transmitters.  1000 enable seraphic departure 29:4.12(326;1), 39:5.14(438;7) cannot initiate communication; ruling sustaining Van marooned in 67:2.2-6(755;4), 67:6.9(760;4) function in intraplanetary capacity by deploying themselves along desired energy path 29:4.20(327;3) indispensable to mortals on nonbreathing planets 29:4.24(327;7) living superconductors; induce energy flows in desired direction; augment feeble energies 29:4.21-22 (327;4) provide emergency lines of communication 29:4.23(327;6) render distant scenes visible and audible 29:4.23(327;6) understand communications; powerless to respond 29:4.19(327;2) wholly automatic and mechanical; nonpersonal 29:4.5,19(325;1) type of Master Physical Controller 29:4.4(324;6)

      5.Primary Associators. first group to appear on organizing material spheres 29:4.27(328;3) living catalytic agents; act by their presence 29:4.25(328;1) most slavish of all intelligent creatures 29:4.5,27(325;1) produce primitive units of material existence 29:4.25(328;1) store or release energy 29:4.25-26(328;1) type of Master Physical Controller 29:4.4(324;6)<

      6.Secondary Dissociators. appear wholly automatic and mechanical 29:4.5,27(325;1) beings of enormous antigravity endowment; work in reverse to primary associators 29:4.28(328;4) evolve limitless supplies of energy 29:4.28(328;4) type of Master Physical Controller 29:4.4(324;6)

      7.Frandalanks and Chronoldeks. stationed on all inhabited worlds 29:4.29(328;5), chronoldeks are frandalanks that also measure time 29:4.30(328;6), type of Master Physical Controller 29:4.4(324;6)

      D.30:2.18 Morontia Power Supervisors 48:2sec(542;5), create survivors' 570 successive morontia life vehicles 42:10.5(481;2), 48:1.5(542;2)

      1.Circuit Regulators. millions required to energize mansion worlds 48:2.6(543;3) Morontia Power Supervisors; dynamos who transform everywhere energies of space 48:2.6-7(543;3)

      2.System Co-ordinators. Morontia Power Supervisors; harmonize differing power systems 48:2.8-9(543;5)

      3.Planetary Custodians. 70 in charge of each morontia sphere 48:2.11(544;1) Morontia Power Supervisors; grant morontia forms to all morontia progressors 48:2.11(544;1)

      4.Combined Controllers. highly mechanical Morontia Power Supervisors; 1 is stationed on each morontia world 48:2.12(544;2)

      5.Liaison Stabilizers. Morontia Power Supervisors; slow down morontia energy revolutions for physicalization 48:2.13(544;3)

      6.Selective Assorters. disclose beings who function best in temporary association 48:2.17(544;7) type of Morontia Power Supervisor; certify morontia progressors for advanced standing 48:2.16(544;6)

      7.Associate Registrars. Morontia Power Supervisors; recorders 48:2.18(544;8)


      1.The Planetary Midwayers. Paper 77   38:9.1, 37:9.11

      2.The Adamic Sons of the Systems. Paper 51 (580;1),) 45:5sec(514;12), 161,432,840 in Nebadon; constantly increasing 45:5.4(515;3), Material Sons created by Michael Sons 38:1.1,

      3.The Constellation Univitatia. 37:9.8, 43:7sec children of Creator Son and Mother Spirit 37:9.4(414;9), 43:7.1(493;2), (493;2), administer constellation morontia worlds 43:7.2(493;3), 55:9.2(633;5), nonreproducing beings existing on plane between Material Sons and Spirit-fused mortals; 70 different forms 37:9.4(414;9), 43:7.1-2(493;2),

      4.The Local Universe Susatia. created by Creator Son and Mother Spirit 37:9.3(414;8), permanent citizens of Salvington; closely associated with Spirit-fused mortals 37:9.3(414;8)

      5.Spirit-fused Mortals of the Local Universes. do not ordinarily attain Paradise or become finaliters 37:5.2,3,6(410;5) local universe Corps of Perfection 37:5.3-4(411;1) some are transformed and ascend to superuniverse or even Paradise 37:5.11(411;9), 40:10.9-10(453;4) Urantia mortals will not become 30:4.2(340;4) why some are Spirit-fused 40:10sec(452;1)

      6.The Superuniverse Abandonters. created by agents of Ancients of Days, Reflective Spirits 37:9.8(415;4) (Uversa) residential citizens of Uversa 37:9.8(415;4)

      7.Son-fused Mortals of the Superuniverses. 37:9.12, 40:8.5, Less than 1 Million in Orvonton

      8.The Havona Natives. 14:2.3, 14:4.10-18 perfect beings; are the will of God 3:5.16(52;2), 14:4.6(157;5), 19:6.2-3(221;4) eternal beings; never were created 14:4.3(157;2), 105:7.2(1159;7) pattern beings for all creation 14:4.8(157;7), 14:6.25(162;3) Trinity-origin personalities projected in perfection; nonreproducing 14:4.3(157;2), 19:6.3(221;5)

      9.Natives of the Paradise Spheres of the Spirit.

      10.Natives of the Father's Paradise Spheres.

      11.The Created Citizens of Paradise.

      12.Adjuster-fused Mortal Citizens of Paradise.

      Side Note: Not in list of permanent citizenship: Spirongia 37:10.2, Spornagia 37:10.3 46:7sec(527;5) animal caretakers of architectural spheres 37:10.3(416;3), 45:0.3(509;3) artistic landscape gardeners 46:7.2(527;6) beautiful s. inhabit constellations, local systems 43:0.4(485;4) do not possess survival souls, but live very long lives and reincarnate 46:7.3-4(528;1) have individuality but not personality; react to first 5 adjutant mind-spirits only 46:7.4-5(528;2) minister to physical needs of probationary nursery children 47:2.6(532;4) procreate; traits of a horse, dog, and chimpanzee 46:7.6-7(528;4) visualize morontia, angelic, and lower spirit personalities, but not finaliters 46:7.7(528;5), 47:1.1(530;5) work of botanic decoration directed by celestial artisans, ascending midway creatures 43:6.7(492;7), 46:5.24(526;6), 46:7.2(527;6)

      30:2.20 This is the working classification of the personalities of the universes as they are of record on the headquarters world of Uversa.

      30:2.21 COMPOSITE PERSONALITY GROUPS. There are on Uversa the records of numerous additional groups of intelligent beings, beings that are also closely related to the organization and administration of the grand universe. Among such orders are the following three composite personality groups:

      A.30:2.22 The Paradise Corps of the Finality 31:10.10(354;3),

      1.The Corps of Mortal Finaliters. attacked by Lucifer 53:3.2,6(603;3)

      2.The Corps of Paradise Finaliters.

      3.The Corps of Trinitized Finaliters.

      4.The Corps of Conjoint Trinitized Finaliters.

      5.The Corps of Havona Finaliters.

      6.The Corps of Transcendental Finaliters.

      7.The Corps of Unrevealed Sons of Destiny.

      30:2.23 The Mortal Corps of the Finality is dealt with in the next and final paper of this series.

      B.30:2.24 The Universe Aids

      1.Bright and Morning Stars. 33:4sec(369;4),. See also Gabriel, first-born of local universes by Creator Sons and Mother Spirits 21:2.11(237;1), 28:1.3(306;6), 32:2.6(359;3), 33:4.1(369;4), 34:2.5(376;2), create spironga with Father Melchizedeks 37:10.2(416;2), like Creator Sons, but limited in creatorship 32:2.6(359;3), 33:4.2(369;5)

      2.Brilliant Evening Stars. also known as superangels 55:4.11(628;2), superangels created by Creator Sons and Mother Spirits 37:2.1-2(407;1), entrusted with all personal communications 39:2.17(431;6), Gavalia, first born, is chief of ascendant B.E.S. in Nebadon 37:2.6(407;6),

      3.Archangels. 37:3sec(408;4),. See also archangels' circuit; chief of Nebadon archangels, created by Creator Son and Mother Spirit 37:3.1(408;4),100 assigned to Magisterial Sons on planetary missions 20:2.9(225;8), 37:3.5-6(409;2), absolve destiny guardians if subjects fail to survive 113:6.3(1247;1), angels of the resurrection 47:3.2(532;8), 74:2.8(830;3), 189:2.1(2022;6), dedicated to creature survival and ascension career 37:3.2(408;5), divisional headquarters on Urantia 37:3.3(408;6), number 800,000 in Nebadon 37:3.1(408;4), preserve records of personality for resurrection 112:5.15(1234;4), Archangels circuit 37:3.3(408;6), 43:5.11(491;7), 114:0.10(1250;1), 114:7.13(1259;1), operated for first time after Jesus' resurrection 189:3.2(2024;4)

      4.Most High Assistants. assist Nebadon Paradise personalities 37:4.5(410;3), many tertiaphim function as 37:8.10(414;5)

      5.High Commissioners. accompany Paradise Sons on bestowal missions 37:5.8(411;6), Spirit-fused mortals may become 37:5.1-10(410;4)

      6.Celestial Overseers. 37:6sec(412;1), most mortals will serve as 37:6.7(413;1), volunteer educators; number 3 million in Nebadon 37:6.1(412;1)

      7.Mansion World Teachers. 37:7sec(413;2), 48:5sec(550;2), billions in Satania 48:5.3(550;4), deserted cherubim and sanobim embraced by Mother Spirit 37:7.1(413;2), 38:8.5(423;5), 47:5.1(535;5), 48:5.1-2(550;2), may be re-embraced by Mother Spirit and emerge as seraphim 38:8.6(423;6), 48:5.10(551;5), train children in probationary nursery 47:2.1-2(531;5)

      30:2.25 On all headquarters worlds of both local and superuniverses, provision is made for these beings who are engaged in specific missions for the Creator Sons, the local universe rulers. We welcome these Universe Aids on Uversa, but we have no jurisdiction over them. Such emissaries prosecute their work and carry on their observations under authority of the Creator Sons. Their activities are more fully described in the narrative of your local universe.

      C.30:2.26 The Seven Courtesy Colonies


      30:3.1 The seven courtesy colonies sojourn on the architectural spheres for a longer or shorter time while engaged in the furtherance of their missions and in the execution of their special assignments. Their work may be described as follows:

      1.Star Students. anyone may become s.s.; must serve 1 millennium 30:3.3(338;7) celestial astronomers; forecast energy behavior 15:8.7(176;2), 30:3.2(338;6) over 1 million on Uversa; reside in courtesy colonies 30:3.2-5(338;6) use mechanical instruments, Solitary Messengers, energy transformers and transmitters, reflectivity 23:2.14(260;1), 30:3.4(339;1) view grand universe from Uversa 12:2.4(131;1) work with transport adviser celestial artisans to determine seraphic transport routings 44:5.6(505;3)30:3.2 The Star Students, the celestial astronomers, choose to work on spheres like Uversa because such specially constructed worlds are unusually favorable for their observations and calculations. Uversa is favorably situated for the work of this colony, not only because of its central location, but also because there are no gigantic living or dead suns near at hand to disturb the energy currents. These students are not in any manner organically connected with the affairs of the superuniverse; they are merely guests.30:3.3 The astronomical colony of Uversa contains individuals from many near-by realms, from the central universe, and even from Norlatiadek. Any being on any world in any system of any universe may become a star student, may aspire to join some corps of celestial astronomers. The only requisites are: continuing life and sufficient knowledge of the worlds of space, especially their physical laws of evolution and control. Star students are not required to serve eternally in this corps, but no one admitted to this group may withdraw under one millennium of Uversa time.

      30:3.4 The star-observer colony of Uversa now numbers over one million. These astronomers come and go, though some remain for comparatively long periods. They carry on their work with the aid of a multitude of mechanical instruments and physical appliances; they are also greatly assisted by the Solitary Messengers and other spirit explorers. These celestial astronomers make constant use of the living energy transformers and transmitters, as well as of the reflective personalities, in their work of star study and space survey. They study all forms and phases of space material and energy manifestations, and they are just as much interested in force function as in stellar phenomena; nothing in all space escapes their scrutiny.

      30:3.5 Similar astronomer colonies are to be found on the sector headquarters worlds of the superuniverse as well as on the architectural capitals of the local universes and their administrative subdivisions. Except on Paradise, knowledge is not inherent; understanding of the physical universe is largely dependent on observation and research.

      2.Celestial Artisans. Paper 44 (497;1),) 30:3.6(339;3) all ascenders eligible to become 44:0.4(497;4) types; celestial musicians, heavenly reproducers, divine builders, thought recorders, energy manipulators, designers and embellishers, harmony workers, sometimes help gifted mortals 44:8.1-2(507;6) 30:3.6 2. The Celestial Artisans serve throughout the seven superuniverses. Ascending mortals have their initial contact with these groups in the morontia career of the local universe in connection with which these artisans will be more fully discussed.

      3.Reversion Directors48:4sec(547;4) all celestial beings enjoy 84:8.5(942;6) collaborate with heavenly reproducers 44:2.10(501;9) collaborate with Joys of Existence 28:5.16(312;3) directors of change and relaxation 48:4.3(547;6) promote relaxation and humor, reverting memory to former state, thought change, mind rest 30:3.7(339;4), 48:4.9-10(548;4) 30:3.7 3. The Reversion Directors are the promoters of relaxation and humor—reversion to past memories. They are of great service in the practical operation of the ascending scheme of mortal progression, especially during the earlier phases of morontia transition and spirit experience. Their story belongs to the narrative of the mortal career in the local universe.

      4.Extension-school Instructors. teachers from next higher residential world 30:3.8(339;5) 30:3.8 4. Extension-School Instructors. The next higher residential world of the ascendant career always maintains a strong corps of teachers on the world just below, a sort of preparatory school for the progressing residents of that sphere; this is a phase of the ascendant scheme for advancing the pilgrims of time. These schools, their methods of instruction and examinations, are wholly unlike anything which you essay to conduct on Urantia.

      30:3.9 The entire ascendant plan of mortal progression is characterized by the practice of giving out to other beings new truth and experience just as soon as acquired. You work your way through the long school of Paradise attainment by serving as teachers to those pupils just behind you in the scale of progression.

      5.The Various Reserve Corps. 30:3.10 5. The Various Reserve Corps. Vast reserves of beings not under our immediate supervision are mobilized on Uversa as the reserve-corps colony. There are seventy primary divisions of this colony on Uversa, and it is a liberal education to be permitted to spend a season with these extraordinary personalities. Similar general reserves are maintained on Salvington and other universe capitals; they are dispatched on active service on the requisition of their respective group directors.

      6.Student Visitors. allowed on all inhabited planets, even in isolation 48:3.10(546;3) observers, exchange pupils, student helpers 30:3.11(339;8) 30:3.11 6. The Student Visitors. From all the universe a constant stream of celestial visitors pours through the various headquarters worlds. As individuals and as classes these various types of beings flock in upon us as observers, exchange pupils, and student helpers. On Uversa, at present, there are over one billion persons in this courtesy colony. Some of these visitors may tarry a day, others may remain a year, all dependent on the nature of their mission. This colony contains almost every class of universe beings except Creator personalities and morontia mortals.

      7.Ascending Pilgrims. surviving mortals accredited for Paradise ascent 30:3.1(338;5) 30:3.11 6. The Student Visitors. From all the universe a constant stream of celestial visitors pours through the various headquarters worlds. As individuals and as classes these various types of beings flock in upon us as observers, exchange pupils, and student helpers. On Uversa, at present, there are over one billion persons in this courtesy colony. Some of these visitors may tarry a day, others may remain a year, all dependent on the nature of their mission. This colony contains almost every class of universe beings except Creator personalities and morontia mortals.

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