The Urantia Book
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A Synopsis of Paper 187: The Crucifixion

Jesus arrived at Golgotha in the company of two condemned robbers and a group of Roman soldiers. The soldiers removed Jesus' clothing and dressed him in a loincloth. They bound his arms to the crossbeam before nailing his hands to the wood. They hoisted the crossbeam onto the upright timber and nailed it into place. The soldiers bound Jesus' feet and nailed them to the cross, using one long nail to pierce both feet. It was half past nine in the morning.

The Creator Son's death on the cross took five and a half hours. He won two men for the kingdom during his crucifixion; the first, one of the two thieves hanging beside him, the other, the Roman centurion who was captain of the guard. Shortly before three in the afternoon, Jesus spoke his last words: "It is finished! Father, into your hands I commend my spirit."

John Zebedee, Jude, Ruth, Mary Magdalene, and Rebecca were with the Master when he died.

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